Lee-Anne Peters – Will My MIND Get Out Of The Way? – 1 May 2012

Confusion, worry and doubt – just a few mind energies that tangle us throughout the day. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, these sorts of negative thoughts stay. The more we try, the louder they become and before we know it our mind can be ruling our life!

One of my favourite quotes is by Ramtha who says: ‘Think each thought like it was written in the sky for the whole world to see, for it is. When you listen to your thoughts you will get to know who you truly are.’ These words got me thinking a decade ago when I read them. Yeah, I was becoming more self aware, however I still had these entangling thoughts dominating my day. This quote made me think. I considered what IF everyone could see what I was thinking, I would be SO embarrassed! Yes, I was a little self-conscious then – certainly am not now, and it was this approach that I needed to turn this around. I was sick and tired of being ruled by negative thoughts – it was time I got back in charge!

I cannot emphasise and repeat too many times how important it is to become AWARE of your thoughts. If you truly want to become less ‘top heavy’ (meaning with less energy focused around your mind) and become more balanced and thinking positive and productive thoughts – then LISTEN. It will take about 3 – 4 weeks of perseverance to make a difference, however there is no turning back once you do (you won’t want to go back). With a balanced mind that is focused more on the positive you enjoy more energy and motivation throughout your day – which leads to MORE useful time. Less stress and pressure you put on yourself – more clarity and peace in your mind, which then overflows out to everyone around you. Your family and friends will benefit from someone who is freer, happier and more positive – what an awesome person to be around!

When you practice mindfulness (being conscious of what you are thinking), then amazing things happen and open up for you in your life.

It’s time to actively CHOOSE to get your negative thinking mind out of the way and turn it into a positive power centre of direction, drive and focus! With persistence you can do it, and with fun you will enjoy it!

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