Lisa Gawlas – Open The Locket Of Your Heart And Live Your Passion! – 1 May 2012

I have said this many times before, but I have got to say it again today.  I am so very very grateful I do readings.  I am so grateful for the caliber of clients I attract to my heart.  We truly are in this together.  All of us hanging on for dear life to the side of our life’s ship as it makes a massive and sudden turn into May!

I am also grateful that I can once again look into the body system, because yesterday, thru one of my precious clients… I got to see up close and personal what is really happening to those of us hanging on for dear life emotionally (those who aren’t going thru this, wait… your time is coming…smile.)

I snake into the body system thru the crown, so the first place I see inside your body is your brains.  As soon as I entered her brains the first thing I had seen was about a one inch section of her brain located at the top of her head just behind the center of her head, it was pitch black.   This is not the pleasant black of unforseen potential, but the black where her fear of failure emerged from (which was her gooey gum that she is dealing with.)

I had seen tiny little elementals scraping this black out of her brain section.  Let me tell you, ain’t no wonder this stuff is in our face at this time… if it is being scraped, it is front and center in our lives.  But nothing is every removed without something better to replace it with.  I could see what I am just going to call sparkly fairy dust coming in from her crown and slowly replacing the black that was being scraped out.

Choice point: completely free it, or stuff it back in… not!!  To have fairy dust and black all mixed in, I think that is where insanity takes place (grin.)

May is a crucial month for all of us.  Probably the most important month we have ever entered in our entire life’s journey.  The magnetic field of life is super powered.  How we choose to live must be a balanced blend of our feminine and masculine sides.  One with out the other…. well, lets not go there!

Thru this same lady’s reading came the most incredible exercise for her to do. She is very left brain dominant and May demands use of her right brain and to allow the left brain to function as it was designed to.

The Right Brain:  The feminine, the dreamer, the architect, the intuitive seer, the lover, the passion of life.

The Left Brain:  The masculine, the creator, the task master, the builder, the guardian of duality, the protector.

I know there is so much more to both sides, I am just keeping it simple as it relates to my sharing.

May is demanding that we not only sit in the seat of our passion (or for some, find it) but also bring it to life!!  Thanx to this wonderful lady, we have a clear way in doing just that.

As I made my way down her body system I can to the area just above her high heart.  She was wearing a silver necklace with a heart on it.  What the heck?  Why does she have a necklace on??

Well, a closer view showed me some really intricate etchings on the heart itself and it actually opened up, making it a locket.

Now lets just take the silver of the necklace and the placement of the locket itself.  Silver is the highest vibration of earth energy there is, so her locket is all about enhancing the energies in relationship to her life.  Of course, the locket is just above the high heart, your spiritual passion center (not your ego passion… that alone is an oxymoron!!)  So this locket takes the energy of the spiritual passion living within each of us.  (It’s only the left brain that thinks it needs to know what our passion is before we breathe it, the right side knows that’s a fallacy.)

As I kept my spiritual eye on her locket, still wondering… why does she now have three hearts… we were shown!

The locket itself opened up so that the silver etchings were directly against her chest and the two sides of her inner locket were blank… but a soft white energy was very present on each side.  Alive with unlimited potential for sure!

What I came to understand is that the energy placed in the locket is for creation only.  Once the energy is created into manifested reality, it will leave the locket for the next potential of creation.  I was jumping out of my skin with excitement… I asked her team, can I have a locket too??

May’s gift to everyone, a locket of Heart Passion.  Here is how to use it:

Powering the Locket of Heart Passion

Take something you feel you desire/need in your life.  Lets take something as mundane as a new car.  Now drop every detail from this desire.  No car design, no color, no tires, no details at all.

Now move into the feeling.  Feel the energy of a new mode of transportation in your heart field.  Feel the freedom of moving forward in something that protects you along the way, is efficient in serving your needs, feel the connection with your new mode of transportation, the joy, the gratitude…

The more present and full you are in the feeling, the feeling is being drawn into the right side of your locket.  You may even notice colors starting to be blended into the soft glowing white that made up your locket.  The more present you are in the feeling, bringing in the energy colors, your lockets magic starts to fully come to life.  It will automatically feed these passionate colors of energy to the left side of your locket, emitting the pure resonant frequency into life and creates the next mode of transportation for your experience.

Here is why losing the details is sooooooooooooooo important.  Your heart, your passion center already knows where you’re heading in life.  Your mind… clueless.  I may think I want a small little fuel efficient car, but your next path is going to be on a farm and the best thing you can have is a truck.  From the present vantage point, you wouldn’t even consider a truck.  It seems unneeded.  3 months down the road when you suddenly find yourself living on a farm (another thing your mind would not even consider) and you can barely get around in your 4 banger, and wished you would have thought about a truck!

This is co-creating in a triad of energy. Your soul, your heart, your mind.  Together as one.

Of course, you do have to trust that whatever makes itself present for you is what you needed!!!  Double check in your locket if you have doubt or are unsure. Feel it!!!  Once you feel it, don’t question it just move forward with whatever is presented to you!!

You are going to find that your mind becomes to get excited.  It is doing exactly what it was created to do and no one is bitching about it any longer!!

So lets take this exercise out of the mundane, lets say I want my life’s work to match my passion, but I don’t even know what my passion is yet!

Loose any preconceived details of both work and potential passion.  Feel the pleasure of all your needs being met.  Feel the joy of waking up every day in blissful servitude.  Feel how good you feel as you move thru your day in joy, connected to others (do not place one “other” in your feeling, no details, remember) and how wonderful and full your life feels to be living this way.

Again, as you become present fully in this feeling, check your locket… are colors appearing on your right side?  If not, double-check that you have not snuck in some details… the mind can be tricky like that, until it is well-trained, and May is your last training ground, use it wisely.)

Once you have the fullness of colors on the right side of your locket, it will automatically fuel the colors and energy needed on the left side.  You may suddenly have an inspiration, or an opportunity, or meet someone new, or maybe even see an ad on TV that you seem to pay closer attention to… trust it, move towards it all.  Action is crucial.

I want to be perfectly clear here… so no one misses a thing in their passionate life!!

After I came off the mountain side in Vermont, I moved into a house that came with a job of personal care attendant for an assisted living home.  I had never done this before, but seemed like a great adventure to learn about really connecting with people heart to heart.  I had been in sales all my life.

As I set up life in my new home, I was on the internet trying to get to a horoscope page and some how ended up at ebay.  I had never been to ebay before (this was in 2003) and the place I was rerouted to on ebay was a bunch of people selling psychic readings.

I was just coming from the experience of holding anyones hand that would let me, to learn how to read, to exchange energy and now I am on a site that would allow me to sell a psychic reading.  I knew better than to not do something with this rerouting of my internet browser.  I put a listing on ebay and it sold for 99 cents.  I was shocked anyone would pay for a reading!  Now I was terrified that I could do it at all.  I had no hand to hold… so I pretended.  I took my first lady that gave me 99 cents of trust and took her into my meditation.  I was shocked at her feedback… at my accuracy.  Holy shit… I can do this.  I started getting such wonderful feedback on ebay, my client list grew quickly.

Can I tell you, for the next 3 years… I was always terrified to do a reading, unsure if I would be good, accurate and give the client what they needed.

Thru it I learned so much about myself, people, energy, void times.  It was the pilot light of a life long passion that has since grown, changed, enhanced every ounce of my life and the lives of others.

Not in a million years would I, could I have foreseen this ability and the way it provides for every need of my life.  Both financially and emotionally!

Dare to live from your heart, out loud, outside of your comfort zone!!  Your passion is waiting to come ALIVE thru you!!

Welcome to May!! link to original article

One response to “Lisa Gawlas – Open The Locket Of Your Heart And Live Your Passion! – 1 May 2012

  1. Joanne Collis Griffing

    I get all of this as I can feel the excitement of wanting to do what I WANT to create. Got it. BUT right now I own a company I love what I do but it’s not my passion. So how does one go about their passion and no I can’t do it on the side. Not when your stuck being the CEO and no I make no money not enough to survive but I’m stuck. I work in travel, I have clients traveling next March….I don’t even see an end to this madness. It’s not like I can just close my doors as I work a ridiculous amount of hours for the little pay I get but being my own CEO you work 24/7 out of habit, or for me, I just want to get this done, travels…..and move on to what it is I do enjoy doing. Any suggestions?
    Namaste, XO