Greg Giles- Message From The Ashtar Command – 2 May 2012

Your friends of the Ashtar Command wish to say to you at this time that we see the changes in your world spoken of so often taking shape and smoothly progressing each and every day as you approach a new era in your history. It will be so that your world experiences changes on a grand scale, and each and every one of your planet will experience wonderful upgrades and advancements to your lives. There will be no one left out in the cold, as all will be made available to each and every one of you that chooses a new way and a new experience. 

Although it is true that there will be those of you who do not make this transition, we say to you that all those who wish to make this transition will successfully leave the old paradigm behind them. How this will all manifest is up to each and every one of you to think about and ponder for yourselves, as we feel it is important for you to utilize your imaginations and think about the many possibilities and the many different paths you as individuals and as a society can travel.

It is not our right to come here and tell you your possibilities are limited. It is not our task to tell you things will be this way or things will be that way, for it is up to each and every one of you to discover and define the limits or boundaries of your existence or decide for yourselves that you wish to place no limits or boundaries on your new experience. For us to come here and tell you that you will experience your ascension in a certain way according to certain parameters, would be an attempt to place restrictions on you and your experience. This is why we do not suggest to you in any way precisely how you will experience the end of duality and the beginning of your new adventure. This is why we leave this subject wide open and do not define for you any rules or limitations on what you can and will experience.

We understand that there are many of you who wish to learn so much more about your ascension and we tell you that you can learn more about your ascension by learning more about yourselves, your powers and your endless possibilities to travel through your journey of existence anyway you so choose. This is how you can learn more about your ascension, and we will assist you to learn more about yourselves in any way that we can. We feel we have been doing just this for quite some time now, and we do see many of you learning so much more about who it is you truly are and what it is that you are capable of.

Journeys such as one that you are on at this time are incredible voyages of mystery and wonder, and we do not wish to step in and read for you the final page or chapter of your story to you. Instead, we wish to allow you the freedom to write your own story and complete it anyway that you wish. We are here to assist you write your story, and we will furnish you with all the creative tools that you need to complete such a work. We will not attempt in any way to influence the words you would compose, this scenery you will design, and the settings you will create. We will do our best not to influence you in the plots you will build, the enemies you shall conceive, the romances you will blossom, the goals you will strive for, the surprises you shall reveal or the heroes that will shine. We only wish to assist you in every way write this incredible story, and share with you our experience and wisdom that we have attained as we write our own stories. This is what we will do, and we are very happy and honored to be of assistance to you in this way.

We hope that you graciously accept our assistance and allow us to help you complete this chapter of your story, just as there have been those that have helped us in this way. This is how it is in this universe, where beings from all galaxies and corners of the cosmos come to the assistance of others, to help them along their journey just as others has have helped them along. One day soon you too will be assisting other worlds in this way, and you will share with them your knowledge, your wisdom and your experience, and you will say to them that you offer your assistance to them to help them along their journey just as there were those who assisted you.

You too may find it a challenge initially to show others that you have come with peaceful and honorable intentions, just as we face this challenge here in your world today. You may choose to share with them your messages of love and light, peace and hope, determination and strength, courage and self empowerment, just as we share these messages with you today. You may also begin to slowly reveal your ships to them to better prepare them for your introductions, just as we are lighting up our ships throughout the skies all over your world a little bit more each day and each week to better prepare you for our introductions. You may create your own ways to begin your introductions as well, as we see so many of you as wonderfully creative beings with unlimited imagination and idea. We know we can learn so much from you when we can once again live and work among you, and we hope that you too can learn much from us in the days ahead.

Although this chapter of your story will be ending shortly in the days ahead, it can also be said that your story is just getting started as there are so many wonderful surprises in store for each of you who wishes to turn the next page and continue writing your adventure. We say to you that your book will be read by beings throughout this entire universe, and tell you that so far it is a saga of epic drama, excitement and wonderment. Do not limit yourself in any way by creating for yourself guidelines, rules, limitations, boundaries or parameters, as your adventure is beyond any scope, and is limited only by your creative imaginations.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles link to original article

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