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The Intelhub – RT.com – ‘Occupy Bilderberg’ – Alex Jones Calls For Thousands To Protest Upcoming Meeting Of Global Elite – 2 May 2012

In only a few weeks, every single room at the Westfield Marriott — a three-and-a-half star hotel in Chantilly, Virginia — will be booked solid. This isn’t just another run-of-the-mill Star Trek convention either.

Around 125 of the most powerful people on the planet are believed to be flying into suburban Virginia at the end of May to take part in the annual Bilderberg conference — a yearly series of meetings regularly attended by international royalty and others close to the top of governing bodies worldwide. Continue reading

Crystaqueous – The Song Of Solara – Part 6 – 2 May 2012

Greatly beloved is the expression by Solara which I have entitled:

The Song Of  Solara

“This Planet is merely a playground for Gods and Angels.  Some of us are playing the roles of ‘good guys’ and some of us are the ‘bad guys’, but sooner or later, this Play is going to be over.  After the make-up and costumes are removed, who is going to remain?  Just some Celestial Beings of Light who finally completed a Grand Adventure, a tiny Cosmic Play. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Four Ways To Deal With The Challenges That May Lie Ahead – 2 May 2012

Boy, today is a day of mixed blessings and mixed feelings. The highs of Archangel Michael’s revelations about the Transition (1) and the highs of your donations to help people who could not even pay their water and light bills. (2)  And the lows of articles from usually-reliable sources that contained racist vocabulary or misrepresentations of NESARA. Yikes! What a day to kick off this new phase! Continue reading

Fastwalkers – UFO Documentary In Full (Repost) – 2 May 2012

Uploaded by  on 8 February 2011 on youtube.

Fastwalkers: UFO & Alien Disclosure
Fastwalkers in a feature length documentary form discloses information you were never meant to know. Amazing Fastwalker UFO photos and Fastwalker footage gathered from around the world that you were never meant to see. Never before has there been such a wealth of information presented by such unbiased experts who focus on providing a ‘World View’ of what is really happening on planet Earth, rather than what ‘we are told is happening

Wes Annac – The Pleiadian Council Of Nine: The Ascension Of Earth, Of Humans And Of The Elementals – 2 May 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The purity of the expression of the Logos energy that is you will continue to be increased as your beautiful and marvelous ascension process continues to take off in ever purer leaps and bounds. We can feel the frustration in much of humanity when many months seem to go by with [seemingly] no actual happenings, but we should say that there has been a buildup of sorts of these many events to manifest. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 2 May 2012

We have often told you that you that there is nothing you cannot achieve, and we wish to thank you for supporting our allies who have done extremely well in such a short time, by bringing the truth into the public domain. Your acceptance of their revelations and intent to make them generally known, has sent the information far and wide. It has opened the eyes of many people who had no idea that covert operations existed on such a large scale. The truth needs to be spread to as many people as possible, and that will make disclosure and our coming much easier for them to accept. Fear still dwells within the minds of some people, and anything that can lessen the shock of our existence will help them to move on. The facts about our relationship to you cannot be held back much longer, and we are eager for disclosure to take place. It must precede our coming which has been planned for a long time. Continue reading

The American Dream – New Obama Executive Order Pushes Us Closer To A North American Union And A One World Economic System – 2 May 2012

When it comes to Barack Obama, one of the most important things to understand is that he is a committed globalist.  He firmly believes that more “global governance” (the elite don’t like to use the term “global government”) will make the world a much better place.  Throughout his time in the White House, Obama has consistently sought to strengthen international institutions such as the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO.  Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – Peace, Harmony, And Abundance Are About To Occur – No Ifs, Ands, Or Buts! – 2 May 2012

It does seem to some of you that you have been waiting an interminable amount of time for your awakening, and this is mainly because time seems to pass so slowly when you live in enthusiastic expectation of an event that you know will bring you all amazing happiness, the like of which has never before been experienced on Earth.  And your expectations are absolutely valid.  There will be no disappointments because what God delivers is always way beyond expectations!  And He will deliver. Continue reading

David Wilcock – Arrest Warrants : Liens Filed Against G7 Central Banks – 2 May 2012

(Lucas: As usual use your own utmost discernment in reading, seeing, hearing the info and news. It might not be your truth or might not be reflecting the whole truth in honest, fair or balanced coverage.)

Arrest warrants have now been issued against the international branches of the Federal Reserve — the European Central Banks, BIS, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Japan. Continue reading

Lucas -The E-mail Followers Down From 538 To 284 Due To Error – 2 May 2012

Brief  Explanation:

Due to an error that I have not caused overnight my e-mail followers on my blog mentioned dropped from 538 to 284 this morning. The Facebook followers dropped to 25 in the counting.  The problem has to be  in software (communication between) from WordPress and FB.

I have not found the problem this problem on other bloggers websites  I know. It is strange.  I have no software troubles, etc.  Therefore I chose to inform you about it.

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Update : 2 May 10.00 am EST – the count except for one is back on track now 537  followers. Still this is a strange occurance.