Ruth Ryden – The Masters Of Light – Earth Is Undergoing Many Changes – 2 May 2012

Through the many centuries of time the universal consciousness has drawn in space many beautiful elements of creation, including your blue planet circling around a flaming star. Soul beings converged upon its surface in delight and have progressed in the ways of mastery, both mentally and physically. In this present time, what has been accomplished has come to a stalemate in time as the planet undergoes its natural point of its travels, readying itself to return to a more stable orbit around your sun.

The pressures of atmosphere and inner turmoil are reaching their expected peak now and for the next few months, which has also caused the frequencies of human thought processes to explode with fear and hatred against each other. The earth itself is undergoing many changes, as experienced by the drastic storms and ground movements. This is not news to you we know. We wish to give you the realization that there is a reason for all this and that it does have an end, that is slowly coming into sight.

The warring between nations, the dictators throwing their evil intentions at their own people, the religious masses pulling down the essential positions of human endeavor to fit their own concepts, will be slowly coming to an end during this year. The rights of existence given by the Creator to every human creature are not to be denied. Men and women who now contend to be leaders of their organizations, tribes, religious organizations and nations, will be pressed very hard within themselves to find their own true values and if they are lacking, to back away from their efforts to lead. This is not just regarding the current political efforts, but a world wide blanket of central consciousness that is bringing humanity back into the sanity and sanctity of the roles they have created for themselves in the “Book of Life” that was given in times past so vast you will never be able to realize their magnitude.

This coming month of May may be likened to a large metal ball hanging on a chain, slowly swinging back and forth. The violent storms that have raced across the North American continent and jumped over oceans and the rest of the world are the effect of the swinging, as most of you realize.

Now the ball will swing faster – producing swift, unexpected weather anomalies that will affect both land and seas without much warning. Even the most hidden deserts and canyons, above and below the seas, will experience unusual movements.

Mysterious “booms” being reported in many places are the indicators of deep movements in the crust. Do not be concerned about them, just realize what they are. Storm patterns will not be as violent this month, but will continue in many other ways to change climates that will bring attention to growers of your crops. Humanity has always been able to work with these changes and will do so now. The knowledge of farming today has brought great strides to providing humanity with the food it needs. Look to warmer days than normal, colder winds than normal, harder rains than normal, everything will be expanded upon this month. These experiences are why you are here – to see, hear and feel the excitement of a changing world. Keep your inner “ears” open and listen to your feelings of when to progress and when to be aware of danger. Of all the beings created in matter on millions of other planets in the many universes, humanity has come to the point of awareness that no others have done. You are very special and we are with you all the time. Just listen, feel, and live your wondrous lives in love and peace.

Ruth Ryden

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