Selacia – Council Of 12 Message – 2 May 2012

Some days are most auspicious than others, giving you expanded opportunities to grow spiritually and reach your potential for this life. Likewise, certain series of days in a cycle – with their cumulative effect – help you to greatly accelerate openings and leave behind unfinished business. One of those times is Wesak season – here right now.

You may have never attended a Wesak, but your DNA holds a memory of what the ancient Masters taught about the path of enlightenment. That’s because of what your ancestors learned and also because of memories in the mass consciousness of humankind. These things are not forgotten, even in the darkest of times.

Your true nature, after all, is divine. It is encoded within you to remember this and to awaken to your true self. Each person has his or her own timetable for enlightenment. Enlightened beings like the Buddha, the Christ, and Tapihritsa taught these things – in part by how they lived their lives. When you celebrate Wesak, you can connect tangibly with such beings, receiving their help with your own liberation. There are expanded spiritual energies present, and fewer veils between dimensions, helping you to access abundant blessings. You awakening can then move into a new phase.

The Call for Divine Changemakers

For you as a divine changemaker, it is natural that you have a very strong calling to awaken. You’re probably feeling it right now. Tune into that feeling as you read, inviting your higher wisdom to speak to you about this cycle and how to best utilize it for your growth.

The Masters who previously walked the Earth taught the importance of love. Theirs was a simple message. In practice, however, centuries of fear-based conditioning obscures a true understanding of what love is. Therefore, it is not an easy task to shed the old conditioning and live as the Masters taught. It’s not enough to simply want a loving world. You must become the love and be it with every aspect of your being. This you are learning in a process over time.

During Wesak season each year, it is easier for you to access the wisdom and blessings of the Masters. If you tune in energetically right now, most likely you can sense a subtle lightness of being. Since this energy resides alongside heavier energies and the chaos so typical of these times, you must still your mind and body to touch it. Trust that it is there, in any case. Take time daily to invite a tangible experience of this lightness of being – morning and evening if you can.

During Wesak celebration days and the season as a whole, place yourself in situations allowing you to connect with others on the path of conscious awakening. Spend personal time with such people, and if you can, join in on a group level.

Benefit of Group Connections

One loving person shines a bright light into the world. When two or more gather and focus on a loving world, a great magnification occurs. You can find even more benefit with a larger group, especially when your gathering is specifically focused on enlightenment and the Masters who showed humanity the path.  

How to View Today’s Chaotic Situation


Regardless of what’s going on in your life right now, trust that there is a purpose to each day. Remember why you came and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Most likely, you are living with much more uncertainty and stress than ever before. The chaos and oppositional ways of being may be bringing up a host of negative emotions like anger, frustration, even hopelessness.

Still, there is a spiritually grounded way to view today’s happenstance – so you can benefit from the Wesak season and the months ahead. If you could see the overall picture as spirit does, you wouldn’t want to waste precious time or to miss opportunities presented only once.

Here are three suggestions that will help you stay on track.

First, when you feel discouraged by the lack of love in your world, remember that things are changing. The shift towards a more loving world has been in motion for a very long time. There is a quickening now – that’s what you came for – to be at the forefront as a divine changemaker during these pivotal moments when a new type of existence is coming into being. The people who don’t yet remember the love may seem in opposition to you, but this is not the truth. At the core of their being, they too are love. Keep coming back to this in your mind and do your best to be loving.

Second, as the pace of life picks up, remember to take time daily to focus on your connection with spirit. There are countless ways to do this, from meditation and intention setting to inviting spirit’s view of life dilemmas. When you leave spirit out of the picture, you sabotage yourself. It’s like preparing a cherry pie and putting it in the oven without the cherries. Your relationship with spirit needs to become such an integral part of your everyday activities that there’s no separation. When you unconsciously put spirit in the background – thinking of it only after you have made a decision – you will miss out on the boundless gifts you could otherwise receive. When you change your fueling system to spirit, you change your present and your destiny.

Third, as you are reminded of the dysfunctional state of your world, remember the big picture of what’s happening and where you want to be headed. Be thankful that you live in a time when secrets and injustices are coming to light. Be happy that you can be informed of problems faced by people and the planet. Only when you know about a problem can you shine your light on it. Only when you become aware that there is a crisis can you become a part of the solution. You can’t solve all of the world’s problems, of course. However, humanity’s future on the Earth is being decided by how you and others live during these times of great change. It is being decided by choices you make each day to be kind and compassionate. Step out of your everyday routine for a few moments today and consider what kind of world you want to live in. Visualize it … feel it … breathe it into your cells. Anchor that image into your heart, focusing on it whenever you become discouraged with the status quo. All your light within to show you the way.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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