Steve Beckow – Four Ways To Deal With The Challenges That May Lie Ahead – 2 May 2012

Boy, today is a day of mixed blessings and mixed feelings. The highs of Archangel Michael’s revelations about the Transition (1) and the highs of your donations to help people who could not even pay their water and light bills. (2)  And the lows of articles from usually-reliable sources that contained racist vocabulary or misrepresentations of NESARA. Yikes! What a day to kick off this new phase!

What to do when we’re in the best of times and the worst of times? In the expectation that when the mass arrests, NESARA,  or Disclosure start, we may want to have some suggestions on how to handle the challenges, let me name four things that help me deal with them. I’m not saying I always do a terrific job in using these methods, but they do guide me nonetheless.

The first source of help I turn to is to remember the tolerance with which Archangel Michael approaches matters. Here are three examples of that.

  • On the predicted seismic catastrophes, he says they will not happen but adds, don’t stop posting the channel on that score. The channel himself is trying his best and doing a great job.
  • On the explosion of the reptilian underseas bases, he says they happened many years ago and the channel is seeing the correct vision but the wrong timeline. But don’t stop following the channel on that score, he says, because he has much else useful to say.
  • And you heard him on An Hour with an Angel yesterday (3) say that the celestials don’t think in terms of the mass arrests of the cabal but in terms of rehabilitation.

The tremendous love with which the angels approach their work is what remains behind and impresses me most in working with them.

The second source is to manage my communications so as to reduce the chance of disagreements as much as possible. That in turn involves three things.

  • I personally try to be clear with others about the status of my knowledge. I want you to know whether something I say is something I know, believe, guess, suspect, have heard, etc. I try not to say I’m sure if I’m not sure.  Otherwise, I’m misrepresenting myself. By stating the status of my knowledge, I believe I avoid at least a few fights.
  • I try to stay away from absolutes by making each statement as specific as possible. (4)  Is it specific to you? To a time or place? To a realm of discourse or a range of concepts? If it is, I state the parameters. “In my opinion.” “If you live in the Western World.” “To a person of Christian background.” Etc.
  • I use neutral language, what Archangel Michael called “Perro,” the intergalactic language of conciliation. (5)  Neutral language may be blander than some language, but it’s the clearest and  offends the least. It keeps the temperature down as much as it’s going to stay down

The next source of help I turn to is that I manage my own participation in things so as to maximize my own confidence and faith in myself to handle the matter well. In other words, I do as much as I can to ensure I’m coming from a decent place first.

This means I do several things. I develop my own perspective on matters. I observe the dictates of integrity in doing so. I find the ground I stand on out of that perspective. I stand forth without fear and (if at all possible) with love.  And I aim to emerge as a result of it all. Emergence means me coming out of my shell, not being afraid to speak as I think, and trying to ensure harmlessness in my communications. Oh, and I try to forgive myself if I mess up!

The fourth and final source of help is something that is being brought to us rather than something we’re doing: What Archangel Michael called “the Transition.” (6)

A lot of our searching through the wealth of information that greets us each day is about to be supplanted by this new source of aid and comfort, which Saul has been describing for a long time. (7)  We find ourselves searching for information to know what’s happening. When we know what’s happening, we tend to relax and may even feel good.

But Archangel Michael is describing and providing a much more direct way of feeling good – the restoration of our higher-dimensional selves, with all the bliss that’s native to them.

Why is bliss so important? Well, anyone who’s experienced bliss for any length of time knows that bliss carries with it knowledge, which is why Paramahansa Yogananda called it the “all-coveted bliss of God.” (8) He continued: “The blissful Comforter is heard in meditation and reveals to the devotee the ultimate Truth, bringing ‘all things to remembrance.’” (John 14:26) (9)  This knowledge enlightens, enlivens, and leaves us in what Werner Erhard called “natural knowing.” (10)

So here we go, re-attaining the knowledge we had before we became Starseeds, the bliss we had, and every other good thing we had. With the euphoria of the Transition, I can take a little more of the challenges. And I feel a greater tolerance all around and an excitement at the dawn of each new day. Just as AAM said we would. Remember what he said about knowing when we’d reached the end of the Transition?

“[By] the feeling that you wake up not only rested, but blissful; that what you have thought of as challenges, as troubles — it is not that they disappear, but they do not weigh you down; that you have the energy to take on whatever tasks at hand you choose, but that you do not feel burdened, that you simply feel that you are doing almost without doing. It does not feel like a sense of disengagement, but rather higher engagement.” (11)

The Transition is raising the floor of my emotions, the place below which I cannot fall. And raising the ceiling quite dramatically as well. So even though this commentator may rant and that one feint, I don’t fall as much as I might have previously.

So those are four sources of help we can fall back on to retain our calmness and balance (if we can!!!) during these days of mixed blessings, mixed feelings, the best of times and the worst of times.

I can only hope you spread the word to lightworkers who may not know that the Transition is happening. It’s hard for me to say that after the Neptune. The failure of that visit to occur and the terrific hubbub that resulted has definitely taken a bite out of my willingness to risk quite as much as I did. But that’s probably also a good thing.

But the Transition does promise to be wonderful and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out because they didn’t know about it or weren’t open to what was occurring. So perhaps tell others, but quietly.  In the end, no one will miss out who opens to Ascension because all who ascend will reach our destination together.

But this expanding euphoria is a treat, no doubt about it. And who doesn’t want to share such a heart-expanding development. Try to keep me quiet. It won’t be possible. But I may discuss it more quietly. The euphoria tends to make that inevitable anyways. I’m simply not lacking as much as I felt I was before. I feel more satisfied and fulfilled – and wish that for everybody.


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