5 May 2012 = World Liberation Day – 3 May 2012

I will give you the link to the World Liberation Day visualization on 5th/6th  May depending on your timezone :   link to article.

I will visualize my own version of a peaceful transition on that day. I myself have chosen, as it is my free will, not to participate in or even acknowledge nor manifest a transition where violence is possibly part of. That does not imply nor mean that I do not want change for the record. I just want a peaceful transition. The transition will have to set us free. The new replacing structures may not be in any form  denying the universal rights to any lifeform, be it :  human, alien, animal, nature, mother earth and the universe.

I do believe deep in our hearts we all want the same end goal to manifest a free humanity and world without debt slavery and control anymore.

I will support the positive efforts made by different factions and groups around the world in my way of visualizing the succesful peaceful transition in the now taking place. So I visualize it as if the peaceful transition already successfully has taken place.  The efforts for transition are made not only  in the USA but over the whole world.

I am against violence in any form to reach the goal of  the transition as I am a peace-loving human.  What your opinion is on that I need not know. You all can make your own choices and discern everything yourselves. I am not gonna tell you what to do nor will ask you to follow or do what I do. You chose yourselves if and what you do, not me.  Let that be clear.

Love and light,


3 responses to “5 May 2012 = World Liberation Day – 3 May 2012

  1. Bravo!!!


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  3. If I may toss a crumb on this trail. When one or many seek an identity, they forgo the path of peace. Be it Drake or Occupy or Turner or others, the establishment of a ‘brand’ necessitates the commitment to defend it. Such is the level of 3D identity as is the choice to inflict, control or manipulate the will of another.

    Einstein’s solution remains on the higher level of peace. Such a level Is attained through forgiveness and choice.

    Choose peace. May the 1% choose reconciliation.