Crystaqueous – Do Performing Artists In The Dream Create Their Own Reality? Part 7 – 3 May 2012

There are multiple appearances in the Dream none of which are the way things really are. What I mean by this is that even though the masses find themselves intently believing and promoting this or that theory with the common belief among such that they thereby create their own realities, this too is simply among the appearances on the Stage of Dream.   All dream imaginings aside, every thought and action within the Earth Drama is in precise accordance with the Script of Divinity.  Therefore in the final analysis, all scenarios are the way they are not because human mind makes them so but rather due to the fact that roles are all pre-scripted accordingly. Hence the dream axiom—“we create our own reality”—is never true regardless of how long it has been entertained to the contrary.   Oh, the unparalleled and joyous nature of the Divine Cosmic Play!

Probably the most prominent and rampant notion operative within the world of dream is the relentless determination to create a so-called better dream as all current ones appear to leave so much to be desired.  This frenzied pre-occupation seems to dominate all other considerations.  In this is portrayed the tenacious nature of the human ego to climb up out of its on-going seeming chaotic life pattern by its own imagined power of mind.  On and on does this endeavor continue until at last—in utter exasperation and due alone to Divine Cuing—the acknowledgment springs forth that nothing here is real and therefore one’s journey through the hypnotism of dream can never bring joy out of sorrow peace out of war light out of darkness truth out of error.

Arriving at this level of clarity attended with the acute desire to be done with the erroneous practice of trying to change a world of illusion into a divine paradise—such intent being utterly contrary to its very nature—is alone the result of role-ending decreed according to the pre-determined timing of the Script of Divinity.  Interestingly enough, when this point of disillusionment with the unreal is reached an inner peace of soul commences to permeate one’s entire being.  Such is the prelude to the disappearance of all that’s unreal.  Wherever such withdrawal occurs, Consciousness Ascension is inevitable.    Such joyous resolve is presently becoming common globally as now is the glorious time of role completion in mass within in the Earth Movie Divine.

In one sense alone is it true that We create our own reality in the Earth Play—namely, from the prospective of Us as Divine Mind joyously having Play-written all the various roles from the outset before projecting them onto Our incredibly unique Cosmic Screen.


Concerning guides— invariably those who encounter so-called invisible guides are inclined to the negative side of life.  Heavy anxiety and emotional pain marks every step!  Only when consulted, do I suggest a focus for full abandonment of this dualistic perception which seems only to keep one “stuck” on the Play Stage until he or she breaks away from such strained dependency.  As well does the seeking of visible guides prove in the end, to be apparently profitless.

One is on the Home Path when he/she seeks only the “inner” guidance or for that direction and wisdom which hails from within one’s very own heart.  That Guide and Wisdom is the True Spirit God-Self.  When this is practiced, very early on it will be realized (for lack of a more appropriate term) that there are not two—one seeking guidance and another to provide such.  There is only The One All-knowing Divine Self.  All Are That, always were That, and Eternally shall remain Only That Loving Divine Life and Light.  In actuality, there are none existing to realize anything period!  That mind which thought thus has now utterly vanished leaving in its stead The Cosmic Force or Divine Mind which Always Is.   The only emanation that can possibly express is: “I Am The Way the Truth and the Life.  Besides Me there is nothing—no existence.  I Am the One II cannot possibly have a second.”

Having stated the above—all Stage Performers will continue stepping out their role destiny in strict conformity with the precise timing of the Script of Divinity.  Hence, contrary to appearances in the dream, there is no such thing as a human facilitator to alter or hasten that which is pre-designed.  So utterly Groovy is the Amazing Divine Movie!

The All Inclusive Love

Where and What is Free Will?

The profound uniqueness of the Play Divine has it that at role termination stage-one the True Master which has Eternally Existed just behind the veil of dream is said to  commence manifesting within the dream context—even via the not yet ascended dream body.  (But truly, the water so to speak, just got out of the way in order that the sand which is ever-present beneath be disclosed.)  Impossible it is for such an Entity to perform in a scripted manner as he or she interacts on the earth stage.  In other words, one having consciously ascended is, yes, in joyous interaction with scripted entities upon the Stage, but with one major difference.  Namely, that while there is no actual choice deviation from pre-scripted roles in the non-ascended context, there is total freedom of choice activity wherever Divine Mind is manifesting.

This is to say plainly that Divine Mind is never scripted wherever Such is in manifestation.   And of course, there is no place in the Boundless Infinity or the Realm of the Real where Divine Mind or Consciousness is not present.  Divine Consciousness being the Sole Actual Existing Consciousness, consequently is the Sole Existing and operating active will.  Besides the will of God-no will exists period!  (Hence: not mine but Thy will be done).

Dream entities being not actual or real appear to be exercising multiple choices daily.  However, such choices are all pre-scripted or pre-designed and therefore it is truly said that, contrary to appearances on the dream stage, there is no such thing as a human possessing free will.

Plainly speaking and contrary to the general imaginings of dream-egos, false-selves of the Play have no will to exercise.  The fact of the matter is that the multiple minds represented on the earth stage are not actual minds—such are but Play minds only operating within Play bodies moving about in non-deviating roles within the make-believe Story cast upon the Cosmic Screen.

It’s just like any movie within the dream.  The script is made up the cameras roll and everyone performs precisely according to a set script all the while making many apparent choices throughout the story, but all of which are pre-designed into the multi-scripted production.  It would be utterly unacceptable in the industry of film to proceed in any other fashion.  Chaotic in-continuity would result and overrule!

At such a time when a movie is finally readied for the big screen and projected thereupon, the real performers are not by any means actually bopping around on any such screen.   The actual performers are always elsewhere, in another reality altogether, such as at home enjoying their children, etc, etc.   So with the Cosmic Earth Movie—all actual Divine Beings are never on the earth stage—until at such time when the ascension process commences for individual performers.  In this feature the paralleling aspects between Divine and earth productions part ways.    And of course, behind every single actor/actress on the stage dwells the True God Being or Divine Self who is entirely untouched by Play Stage scenarios.

Presently it is the time of ascension in mass in the Story of the Grand Play.  This means essentially that the earth stage will truly be full of Joyous Divine Masters just prior to the final ending of the Earth Drama Divine.   What an indescribable Joyous picture and time!  Truly, now is a time second to none in the entire Story of the Dream.  Rejoicing is the order of the day!

The All-inclusive Love

(Thanks for the writings that have been made available by my friend Bill Ballard)

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