Lucas – A Journey To Be One – 3 May 2012

Maybe you are still thinking the New World Order of the dark ones is going to manifest. Or maybe you see the golden age unfolding with help from our celestial and inner-earth brothers and sisters in light.

There are welcome developments concerning enforcement of the divine decree for Earth that the dark ones have willfully disobeyed. There will be no World War and no major disasters. The few remaining dark ones continue to cause some havoc by attempting to spread fear through unjust laws, attempting to control the citizens, and spread negative rhetoric that speaks of war, seeks polarisation and spreads disinformative news over their owned mainstream media channels.

Some people (a majority) say “I do not believe the alternative. I do not see that happening. It is fake.”  All things told about the new golden age coming and abundance and peace is for them a lie. I have compassion for them. They still live in the dark ones’ well-kept shackels and cages and have not escaped mind control via mainstream media, and especially via television. They have not noticed the build up over the last 25 years of more and more control and restrictions on privacy and rights. They still believe the fairytales of governments and leaders wanting the best for them.

They have betrayed you. Robbed you. Deceived you. Still you believe their story that every restriction and control they enact over you is for your best. (Yeah right.)

You have given them control. They have not taken it. They gladly accepted your permission to do what they wanted. You need to wake up and see. You are and always have been a galactic light being that is free of will to choose. You have universal rights that cannot be taken by anyone from you.

Remember to make unconditional love and peace the guide on you path.

Open your eyes and see a wonderful new reality disclose itself. Even words like “soon” vanish as time is not of importance to you anymore in your new unfolding reality. Feel free and act free.  Seek your brothers and sisters in light and let them inform you about what they wanna know. You will be guided and helped as you choose to be helped or guided. If your choice is not to believe anything that is ok. It is your choice. And when you get informed outside mainstream media you will see the false projected reality more clearly. Things you’ve always been taught to be true turn out not to be true.

Remember to create the world of peace you want to see. You govern your life – not some structure or somebody that says it will do it for you. This is awakening to what is.

You just know things do not add up anymore. Things do not seem to be right. Things are not what they seem to be. You see the illusion fading, the veil being lifted and the lies revealed. It is a great time to live in. Seemingly lost and forgotten knowledge is being gained. What were once long treasured truths become lies or half truths. The shift flows swiftly as you open up to the new not thought possible before.  You discover new news sources and ways to communicate. You see the promised new golden age come into being. And through it all we make new friends.

Inform, discuss, rethink, suggest, re-tweek your mindsets and belief systems. You will ultimately find the new paradigm called Oneness or Unity Consciousness.  It is a state of being that differs from what you were taught previously. You are now both a heart-centered and mindful being connected to the mind’s knowledge and the heart’s wisdom. You will find there is no duality and polarity, difference, exception anymore and that step in feeling with your heart as new thinking center, is called being unconditional love.

You will find the unity and oneness in all by this love that is expressed in you and from you and in all.

Is it difficult? Will your path be smooth? Is this awakening business the way to go? Lots of questions to seek answers for and hurdles to take. But in the end you make your choices and find your way in becoming that unconditional loving lightbeing that always was your original, intended form. In this Oneness we prosper and explore our newfound status to help others in their growth out of the cycle of duality. We experience unconditional love for all as we use our new manifesting and creating abilities in this field of Oneness. We see our divine being expressing its unlimited talents, creativity and love for all.
We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Love and light,


(c) 2012 – Copyright of Lucas, all writings of Lucas maybe published, re-blogged and posted only in full without altering anything with the blog mentioned in the article with name of the author Lucas.

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