Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 3 May 2012

My dear ones, we are at a pivotal spot in our evolution. As I speak we are delegating some additional authority to some of our delegates from Inner and Hollow Earth. As we round up the ones necessary to do what is in place to become part of the process of emergence, we will be taking many steps to see that it all goes according to plan. These steps will bring about a new way of dealing with the ones who are not in harmony with what is to become the way of life on and within the planet.

We are seeing to it that a number of people on earth with be in co-operation with the ones from inside. As this takes place it will be obvious to those on the surface that their time of awakening is upon them. It will be as a total surprise to some of them, and to the others it will be a moment in history for them that speaks of the long awaited movement that will bring freedom to all who reside on the surface, all who care to remain and experience that freedom and the joy it will bring.

I will be coming to the surface with the others and as we bring to those with whom we are to meet the steps that will bring this about, we will be ready to answer any questions that may come. We realize that there will be some pieces of news that could sound foreign to some ears; that is understood. We will do our best to help to clear up any confusion that may result from our visits. That will bring a clarity to those with whom we will be meeting that will enable them to then see what is before them and how they can benefit from what we propose.

It is a time for new understanding of the capabilities that you all have. It is a time for the actions taken to assist many of you to a wide-awake status that will give you the insight to be able to follow the inner guidance that will be coming your way. It is a long awaited time for all of us and we look so forward to the interaction. In the Family Gathering tonight at the home of Nancy and Bobt there will be additional information given that could provide a sense of longing for the times that are to come. We encourage you all who tune in to the call, and who attend, to be able to take into a sense of your being the information that is to come and see how it can affect your lives. You will then be able to use your own inner strengths to take steps that will benefit all of humanity to the time of awakening that is coming for everyone.

I will be seeing you this evening, and we will take some opportunities to welcome you all into the energies of love and guidance that will be prevalent. It is a peaceful co-existence that is coming, and we all are ready to welcome you to yourselves, once again. Till then, know that we love you all so much and we embrace you with all of our words and actions.

Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate link to original article

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