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Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 3 May 2012

My dear ones, we are at a pivotal spot in our evolution. As I speak we are delegating some additional authority to some of our delegates from Inner and Hollow Earth. As we round up the ones necessary to do what is in place to become part of the process of emergence, we will be taking many steps to see that it all goes according to plan. These steps will bring about a new way of dealing with the ones who are not in harmony with what is to become the way of life on and within the planet. Continue reading

John Ward – Raping The Assets : What They Say Versus What They Do – 3 May 2012

“The thing that I fear is confiscation. Confiscation of my assets, confiscation of my clients’ assets. I fear that this thing could get out of control. I think we’re a year away from the French fully nationalizing their banking system.” Thus spake Eclectica Asset Management CIO and co-founder Hugh Hendry  at the Milken Institute’s 2012 Global Conference yesterday. Hugh went on to specifically suggest that Hollande will nationalise the French banking system if elected. Continue reading

Amy Goodman – The Real Mad Men : Following The Money Behind TV Political Ads – 3 May 2012

May Day, Murdoch and the murder of Milly Dowler. What do they have to do with the 2012 U.S. general election? This year’s election will undoubtedly be the most expensive in U.S. history, with some projections topping $5 billion. Not only has the amount of spending increased, but its nature has as well, following the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, which allows unlimited spending by corporations, unions and so-called super PACs, all under the banner of “free speech.” This campaign season will unfold amidst a resurgent Occupy Wall Street movement launched globally on May 1, the same day the British Parliament released a report on Rupert Murdoch’s media empire charging that he is “not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company.” Now more than ever, people should heed the advice of the famous Watergate source, Deep Throat: “Follow the money.” Continue reading

John Ward – Exclusive : The Very Odd Relationship Between Jeremy Hunt And The Britisch Council – 3 May 2012

Hunt….time to grin and bare it?

Revealed: how Hunt made millions via a disguised shelf  company

The Slog has established that Jeremy Hunt’s Educational Supplies company engaged in shelf-company subterfuge during crucial dealings with The British Council (in 2002), dealings that were central to his later accumulation of wealth via his company Hotcourses. Following the revelations about tax avoidance in last week’s Daily Telegraph, these revelations must continue to put pressure on the Prime Minister to dump the Culture Secretary. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Letting Go On The Ways Of The Ego – 3 May 2012

On the path of self-awareness, as we progress through this apparently heightened time of the Transition, I’m watching my own ego operate and seeing validated some things that were said many, many years ago about its nature and methods. I’d like to share to reveal my own ego to itself.

I mentioned earlier that the est Training was an exercise in recreating the way the mind operates so that the mind, seen, would fall silent. Perhaps this can be an exercise in revealing the ego to itself for whatever advantage that that presents. Continue reading

Blossom Goodchild – 3 May 2012

What a splendid day for hooking up with your mates! Anyone home?

We are happy to correspond with you at this time. We consider it a pleasure to be able to assist the human race through offering perhaps ‘memories’ of the soulself which in turn allows so much scope for expansion of mind, body and indeed soul.

There are many people that write to me who would LOVE to have communication with you and yet don’t know how. Any advise on this at all? Continue reading

5 May 2012 = World Liberation Day – 3 May 2012

I will give you the link to the World Liberation Day visualization on 5th/6th  May depending on your timezone :   link to article.

I will visualize my own version of a peaceful transition on that day. I myself have chosen, as it is my free will, not to participate in or even acknowledge nor manifest a transition where violence is possibly part of. That does not imply nor mean that I do not want change for the record. I just want a peaceful transition. The transition will have to set us free. The new replacing structures may not be in any form  denying the universal rights to any lifeform, be it :  human, alien, animal, nature, mother earth and the universe. Continue reading