Ma Nithya Sudevi – You Deserve Enlightenment. And Yes That Means You! – 4 May 2012

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“Who am I to seek enlightenment?”

“I don’t deserve enlightenment; it would be ego if I thought I did.”

“How can ‘I’ qualify for the highest state when I’ve made so many mistakes in life?”

“There’s bound to be someone else out there who deserves it more than me…”

All these and more are the questions and comments that flooded my inbox after the release of the final video in my series, “Free Yourself from the International Conspiracy Against Enlightenment: An Essential 10 Step Program.”

Most of these messages started with, “I’ve been faithfully practicing steps 1 through 9, but I just can’t seem to justify my worthiness of Step 10…”

If you’re not familiar with this series, the steps are as follows:

1. Do not consume any fluoride, ever.
2. Do not consume any aspertame, ever.
3. Avoid eating genetically modified, animal, and non-organic foods.
4. Avoid watching television.
5. Question your education.
6. Re-evaluate the validity of popular opinion.
7. Look within yourself to discover who you are.
8. Follow a regular spiritual routine.
9. Let go of all the judgement you carry.
10. Make enlightenment your top priority!

Now, the irony here, is that the moment you start practicing Steps 1 through 9, you are naturally also practicing Step 10!

Choosing to free yourself from all the obstacles against enlightenment itself is making enlightenment your top priority. But first, understand what enlightenment is: it is realizing fully that you are who you are. Is is simply being yourself to the fullest of your ability. Realizing your highest potential, and expanding yourself in as many ways as you can.

In a world filled with fast foods, in which most households now keep a television in every room, where mandatory government education is drummed into our minds as ideal and adherence to popular opinion determines social credibility, having the determination to go beyond all these obstacles to consciousness itself is the intensity of someone who has made enlightenment his or her top priority!

It seems we all think of ourselves as worthy of fighting to overcome unenlightenment, without understanding that this, itself, is striving for enlightenment.

Unfortunately for seekers, when we think of ‘enlightenment,’ we always conjure images of saints and avatars. We think of those luminous emissaries of God who hallow the pages of sacred scriptures and lead humanity to the Ultimate. Why is this unfortunate? Because it paints, for some of us, a picture of unattainability.

When we think of enlightenment, we think of Buddha. We think of the extreme nature of his seeking; the years he spend under the Boddhi Tree; the climactic scene in which he nearly drowned himself in despair and finally achieves! We remember Buddha’s glorious life, but we forget about the 10, 000 “ordinary people” who achieved enlightenment as his disciples! We think, “I’m not Buddha, so I must not be worthy of enlightenment.” If instead of comparing ourselves to Buddha, though, we remember that Buddha came to Earth to teach enlightenment because he believed humanity deserves of it, we would be able to drop our feelings of unworthiness.

Becoming enlightened does not mean becoming Buddha, or Jesus, or Krishna, or Osho, or Nithyananda. No. They are Avatars; beings whose very missions were to share enlightenment- leaders in the dawning of higher consciousness en masse.

For those who feel unworthy, enlightenment means- realizing worthiness! It is the final letting go of all self-limitation.

To become enlightened is to become You.

Can you say that you are unworthy of being you?

You deserve to be the best possible version of you by nature of the fact that you are who you are. Not only do you deserve it… it’s not your birthright, it’s your responsibility!

Since Enlightenment is, essentially, the realization of the full potential of you, to realize it means to gift your best qualities to the world and universe around you. The possibility to achieve enlightenment is a gift from God to you, a gift from Existence. Achieving it is your gift back.

Remember, this is a gift given in the hopes that you will accept it, because, by accepting it, you are also giving. By accepting enlightenment, you share with the world the best of yourself!

Let Enlightenment be your Number One Priority. Take it! It’s yours. It’s You.

Om Namah Shivaya!

Thanks Bill Ballard, for pointing out this video to me.


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