Wes Annac – An Audible Communication Of Love – 4 May 2012

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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

I am SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. I am coming through this scribe and many other scribes at this time in very measured ways, but in pure ways that are seeing my energy reach the surface of this Earth in wonderful leaps and bounds. Many have become open to my energies and open to the energies of the Councils I work with, and many have in general come to find a resonation with the Pleiadians and with the Galactic Federation.

We are an infinite amount of ascended souls who have evolved and grown away from our own methods of lower dimensional consciousness, and we wish to assist each and every soul going through these lessons at this time. We give aide and assistance to each and every lower dimensional planet who can handle our energies and who can handle the help that we are giving them that they will receive from us with such Joy.

We personally [the Pleiadians] have been with humanity for so very long and we have indeed Lived on your world, not just with you but before your current societies came to be in so many different infinite timelines.

Dear souls, the perceived paradoxes and multiple Universes and multiple timelines will truly boggle your minds, and it will be so very difficult at first for humanity to absorb the many revelations that we have to share with you, both in relation to the exposure of your dark and in relation to the much more complex and intricate discussions involving the spiritual and the mathematical and scientific as well, aspects of your ascension into ever purer realms of consciousness.

The mainstream science and the mainstream mathematics that have become the norm on your world are very hollow shells in comparison to the true mathematics and the true sciences that your many mainstream scientists have either not discovered or have purposefully turned away from. There has been a certain need and a certain want for many on your world to reinforce the old paradigm, and not every dear soul who wishes to enforce the old paradigm is doing so because of their own egotistical wishes to keep humanity in continued states of darkness.

Some dear souls truly do not want to give up the paradigms in themselves that they have been comfortable in and will do anything they can to keep these paradigms and to cling to them, and to assure that those around them cling to these paradigms as well. We ask you to send the souls that do such, so very much Love and so very much Light for it is so very needed at this time dear souls.

The ascending humanity is finding the Love and the Light that you have truly not been used to for so very long. You are finding this Love and this Light and we say that this is good for you have needed to be exposed to both the darkness in yourselves and to the Light in yourselves.

Try to imagine dear souls, your world as an ascended being, as an ascended planet for indeed, dear Gaia is ascending at Her core at this point and you are all ascending with Her, and the surface of dear Gaia must echo this ascension. You have heard so very much before that indeed, Gaia’s core has already ascended but this does not mean that there is not still work to be done on Her surface for the surface ascension is an echo, is a manifestation of the core ascension of Gaia.

We ask you all to make your attempts to feel the Loving energies that are being given to you and your world at this time, for there is so much effort that is taking place to bring these energies forth to you. There has been so much that has been done by us ascended beings and by you dear souls on Earth; whether you have incarnated into the roles you are in directly from our Motherships or directly from higher realms and positions in which you were already helping out, or unless you are an Earth native who is discovering the energies of the higher realms for yourselves.

You are all playing a very much needed, a very important and well-appreciated Lighted role in the ascension of Earth at this time. Indeed dear souls, there are millions of you who have come to this world to be of assistance now, and the energies that you have provided have laid the foundation for such a wonderful, such a beautiful ascension and evolution of each and every dear soul on the surface of Gaia who is ready.

We ask you to make your attempts to connect with us souls who are Guiding and helping and leading the evolution and the ascension of humanity at this time for as mentioned earlier, we are very many. There are so many of us at this time dear souls, whether we are in the ‘camp’ so to speak of ‘extraterrestrials’ or ‘Ascended Masters’ or ‘Archangels’ or of whatever hierarchical; whatever spiritual [and] hierarchical-based label one wishes to assume onto us.

We are still ascended and we are helping you with Joy in our hearts at this time.

We wish to begin communicating with humanity in much more direct ways than we have been, and this is why we have led our scribe to bring us through in this way rather than in the way he is used to for so many dear souls are growing out of your former methods of finding communications with us and your former methods of finding higher vibrations of Love and Light that you have so dearly wished to feel and absorb, so that they can assist you marvelously along your ascension process.

We will be making the call so very soon for so very many of our scribes to begin bringing us through in more direct ways than many of you have, and while of course we never wish to push anybody toward doing a certain thing, we can feel that many of our scribes will be so very happy happy to bring us through in so much more direct ways as the scribe that I am speaking through currently has been.

Of course, so very soon [you have been hearing] that we will be on your televisions with the initial announcements and this is so, but until these revelations happen we wish to begin getting out the introductory truths and the introductory explanations of who we are, who our various Organizations comprising the Galactic Federation are, who we ascended beings are who wish to assist you and your world at this time.

Again, we feel such a deep, ingrained Love for humanity and for Earth and we wish you all to feel and radiate this Love to each and every soul around you and it truly does only take opening up yourselves and expanding yourselves and your various chakras, that have been native to your bodies and temples and that are now just coming online with the activating of so many Godly strands of your DNA.

We ask you to feel this expanding and we ask you to feel the Loving vibrations that are coming through you as a result of this expanding, for these vibrations are many and they are so very pure. We can feel already that the energetic levels of humanity are reaching such amazing peak points, and while during the initial revelations the vibrations of humanity are indeed predicted to take a bit of a dive as has been predicted before, we still anticipate that Peace will be the ultimate pervading aspect of each and every event that is to grace your world at this time and in the immediate period ahead.

Indeed, you have heard so very much about this month of May but what should be expressed and what is most important to be expressed is that this month of May is more of an energetic month than one for physical manifestations. Indeed there have been events lined up that we do not wish to disclose at this time but that will be made so very clear whether they are to happen this month or whether they are to be once again [stalled].

Either way, these changes are occurring and we can feel that many of you are so very ready for these changes and are so very ready for the opening up of your chakras and the opening up of your body temples alike. We can feel that many of you will choose to take the ascended Light body form of a fifth dimensional human, and many of you may choose to discarnate and become the pure Logos, Love Source energy that we all truly are past the shells and past the body structures that we have all Created for ourselves, including many of us souls here in the Pleiades and on our many Motherships of the Galactic Federation.

There are so very many of us who choose the form of a body in each and every form that a body has to offer but there are so, so very many more of us who choose to discarnate and become the pure Logos energy that we all truly are.

We will choose now to make our exit from this communication as indeed, this communication can be seen as having been shorter than most of our scribe’s communications but he himself is just beginning to smooth into an easier and more pure and more flowing manner of bringing us through for indeed, so many of our dear scribes are now outgrowing the need to consciously channel us, and we wish to come through you in such direct ways.

Of course, we do not ever wish to interrupt your freewill and we ask for complete permission to come fully through each and every scribe that is bringing us through and again, we can feel that so many of you will be so very happy to bring us through.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.

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