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Nellie Andreeva – CNN Has Lowest-Rated Month In More Than A Decade – 5 May 2012

Nellie Andreeva

(Lucas : This is from 1st May 2012, just to show you it is true the rates are going down the drain for Main Stream Media. Others stations have simular losses in ratings)

It’s no April Fool’s joke — last month CNN delivered its lowest-rated month in total day in over a decade, since August 2001, the month before the September 11 attacks. The once-dominant cable news network posted decade-lows among both total viewers (357,000) and Adults 25-54 (108,000). Versus April last year, CNN was down 21% in total viewers and 29% in 25-54. In comparison, leader Fox News CHannel was up 2% in total viewers (1.1 million) and 1% in 25-54 (273,000) and No.2 MSNBC was flat in total viewers (425,000) and down 5% in 25-54 (139,000). Continue reading


Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Horus – 5 May 2012

I come to you today to honor the position that you and many others are in right now. We see you all taking a lot of time to bring to the public the truth of what is taking place in the world. As you gather the information that is going to set you all free, you do so with a huge amount of love. This is what is bringing it to a closure. As it comes to that, it will speak for itself of the power you all have and the love that you know is important for the coming together of the times that reflect the freedom that you will be living in. Continue reading

Jamie Bazil – An Introduction To Meditation : The What And The Why? – 5 May 2012

So I was writing up the report “The Mystery & Mastery of the Eye” based on the information and techniques shared in the first half of my presentation at TruthJuice called “2012 is Now: Blueprint for Global Awakening” (4th April 2012), but more and more newbies to meditation were expressing interest, at which point it dawned on me that I was diving straight into the deep end for a lot of people. I decided, then, to put together this introduction to meditation practise. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Shedding The Limiting Core Beliefs – 5 May 2012

This Tom Lescher video has some funny color flashes, but it’s right on in terms of capturing the energies of today, as well as the wisdom and mystery of our bodies. Tom talks about this weekend’s Sun, Black Moon Lilith, Jupiter event as an “opportunity for us to become more conscious of our unconscious.” He reminds us that “You created the box that you’re in.” Here’s his YouTube summary:

“‘As I shed limiting core beliefs I value All that IS.’ The full Moon this weekend in Scorpio will dredge up from the bottom of our barrel all the old fears, memories and habits that keep us operating at half frequency as life goes by. It is amazing the stories our egos can tell us to justify staying small and NOT CHANGING!….. If we blow off these stories and open to what IS it can be amazingly PERFECT! Check it out! aloha…..” Continue reading

John Ward – The Samaras Word On Greece – 5 May 2012

Antonis Samaras, the head of Greece’s New Democracy party, said a return to the Drachma would have “catastrophic consequences” for the Hellenic Republic and the euro-area as a whole, Bild Zeitung reported today.

The thing we’re slightly short of here is just why exactly Samaras Licken sees the sky falling in if Greece reverts to a far less inflationary currency that would probably double its tourist income in 2013…or indeed why – given his country is on its uppers – he should give a flying sh*t about the wider ramifications for a eurozone whose membership has royally shafted his country. Continue reading

Remember ALEC! – List Of ALEC Corporate Members Released – 5 May 2012

May 4, 2012
4:14 PM

CONTACT: Common Cause

Mary Boyle, Common Cause (202) 736-5770
Nikolina Lazic, Center for Media and Democracy (608) 770-1343

List of ALEC Corporate Members Released

WASHINGTON – May 4 – The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has long been a secretive organization that does not disclose a full list of its corporate members and donors. Continue reading

Patricia Cori – You Are The Gaian Vibration … Rising – 5 May 2012

Were I to leave an inspirational message for the world upon my departure from this magnificent planet, it would be simple: Pay Attention.

By and large, our modern societies have imposed the tools and parameters of our utter distraction: cement jungles of our largely dysfunctional cities, inane and manipulative messages of coercive media, the goings-on of our governments with their hidden agendas, daily distractions of our runaway technologies and their abstract impressions, overlaid upon the tapestries of our richly woven lives as “spiritual beings, having a human experience.” Continue reading

Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – Embrace Abundance Consciousness In Relationships – 5 May 2012

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ A Course in Miracles

We each experience a certain level of consciousness with everyone we are relating to. If you are relating to a co-worker, friend, boss, lover, life partner, or even still seeking to meet the next love of your life, abundance consciousness is necessary in manifesting that highest connection that makes the ride worthwhile. You see, abundance consciousness isn’t just essential for attracting money, it is also crucial for magnetizing the connection that meets you on the deepest level. When you operate from the abundance paradigm, you know deep down that there is a plethora of amazing beings out there with which you can have an empowering, healthy and fulfilling connection. You also know in your heart that there is an abundance of love to be shared with the one you are currently relating to. When you are steeped in feeling abundant and free, there is nothing you find lacking in yourself or the other, and every block you find in your connection becomes a doorway to the Divine. Continue reading

Burzynski – Cancer Is Serious Business – The Movie – 5 May 2012

Gerald Celente – Hypocrisy, And Lies Of The New World Order – 5 May 2012

Uploaded by on 23 September 2011 on Youtube.  Continue reading