Gerald Celente – Hypocrisy, And Lies Of The New World Order – 5 May 2012

Uploaded by on 23 September 2011 on Youtube. 

Great compilation!… If anybody is still confused about the on-going uprisings around the world, I can promise you that they are not ALL engineered by those in power. If it’s front page news in the west, you can safely assume that it was planned and executed by western intelligence. The ones that are not acknowledged are usually the only credible movements. There is one aspect that we, as society consistently fail to address – Our own willingness and participation in this ‘unjust’ society…… ‘ they ‘ are us , ‘ we’ allow them and they are reflections of us all.. perhaps the debate could be expanded into how ‘ we ‘ can solve many of our issues by examining our own permissiveness and blind acceptance of the current paradigm…the tax refusal is a great first step…. link to original article first published 4 May 2012.


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