John Ward – The Samaras Word On Greece – 5 May 2012

Antonis Samaras, the head of Greece’s New Democracy party, said a return to the Drachma would have “catastrophic consequences” for the Hellenic Republic and the euro-area as a whole, Bild Zeitung reported today.

The thing we’re slightly short of here is just why exactly Samaras Licken sees the sky falling in if Greece reverts to a far less inflationary currency that would probably double its tourist income in 2013…or indeed why – given his country is on its uppers – he should give a flying sh*t about the wider ramifications for a eurozone whose membership has royally shafted his country.

However, despite Bloomberg’s (I think) optimistic projection of Pasok/ND share of the vote at 45%, what this teaches us yet again is that no Greek voter can rely on the Establishment Parties.

Let’s sleep on it and see what tomorrow’s results bring…and whether we can trust them. link to original article

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