Bill Wood And Eva Moore – New Information On The Mass Arrests – 6 May 2012

Uploaded by on 6 May 2012 on youtube : 6 part video series.


5 responses to “Bill Wood And Eva Moore – New Information On The Mass Arrests – 6 May 2012

  1. Allen Atkinson

    Thanks, Bill and Eva, for sharing what you know. I live in a somewhat secluded place that won’t be subject to many of the possible negative scenarios, but I can easily see a breakdown in the supply chain here, so I am stocking up. Looking forward to more reports.


  2. This was basically the same info Drake has already given us, except for a little bit about Obama, which has been on the Internet over the last few months. Bill was painfully slow in conveying his information, it could be condensed into two videos. Thanks for the effort, though.

  3. You & Drake ane not on the same page about Obama, who is right? I look forward tothe MASS ARREST.

    A. Allen

  4. Excellent reporting Bill and Eva, thank you very much …..I was just a little disappointed at the end when Bill seemed to be saying that HE wants the changes to happen…and wants us to help “him” … whereas at the start of the video series he was saying [ like Drake and others] that the mass arrests and the wonderful changes which follow them are a CERTAINTY….. so a little confusing at the end but otherwise very good, comprehensive coverage.

  5. We stand on the eve of a great evolutionary leap for mankind. The time has come for We the People to come together under one idea ….. The idea of rising above the old ways of fear and violence opening the door to world peace, abundance and prosperity.
    Please see my 60 second response to Bill Wood and all the brave men and women who are Being the change we want to see. James Thomas