Crystaqueous – The Blessed Story Being Told On The Earth Stage – Part 10 – 6 May 2012

Although all are indeed on their journey to role termination whether they realize it or not, I feel it’s healthy to keep a focus on the fact that an incredibly wonderful Story is being told which highly depends on every single role that’s being acted out upon this earth stage.  And therefore there is incredible significance to every detail and every event transpiring here.  Very often these take the form of entering into a romance, breaking up from the same, protesting for peace at some government capitol center, taking a trek with one’s sweetheart into a high and beautiful mountain on a delightfully sunny and warm day, writing a book, raising a child, getting sick and well again, teaching truth and healing the diseased, the hour commute to the work place, growing a garden, and making the matrix film, etc, etc, etc,.

And how amazing are the developments in the Story! More and more are apparently tuning in so to speak to Spirit considerations.  And even though much distortion is present, this is really beside the point and doesn’t even matter. The Script being the profound intricate network that It is, there is no option but that all things be perfect just as they are.

The collective consciousness planet-wide seems distinctly indicative that the masses are presently feeling the need more than ever, that all people come to live in peace and get aligned with Mother Earth.  There is a bumper sticker that’s reflective of a rapidly expanding percentage of the people which says: World peace begins at home.  Movies and web-casts are coming forth in unparalleled numbers that lay bare the imperial network that has long manipulated the common masses both by extremely subtle and hidden procedures as well as outright and open atrocity on every continent of the planet.  It is very apparent that the goose is cooked so to speak for this apparently evil and tyrannical factor of dream.  It can hardly be ignored that on some giant scale, all are receiving what many sense as the final wake up call in the Earth Drama Divine.   An excitement never before known seems at present to be penetrating to the very heart-center of most every performing artist in the play.  I rejoice with all!

Another joyous feature that I well enjoy and have expressed in one of the eight Reality books is as follows.

Celestial Bulletin—Date-line Cosmic Play:

Certain it is that the more disillusioned and thus detached from false living performing artists become, the closer is the representation to the actual Nature of the Pure Divine God Being behind the veil of Dream.  However, this too is but an appearance within the Play of Earth—none of which are the way things really Are.

Blessings and great peacefulness to all with the entirety of Love that is contained in the Blissful Infinity which everyone always truly Is.



Is among the myriad Expressions emanating the Joyous Blissfulness of Timeless Infinite Consciousness in Boundless Manifestation as Immortality and Perfection Absolute in Radiant Light Body Form—here and now, as Always.

(Thanks for the writings that have been made available by my friend Bill Ballard)

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