John Ward – Greek Election : Wolfie Strangelove & His Bankers Go Election Manipulating…With Their Customary Level Of Subtlety – 6 May 2012

ImageThe Institute of International Finance (IIF) managed to get right up Antonis Samaras’s nose this weekend, thanks to a report it issued suggesting that his New Democracy Party and PASOK would have to form a post-election government. As the other Parties were not being bribed by Brussels didn’t like the bailout much (on the grounds that it only makes the Athens debt worse and worse) then the Greek authorities would have to ignore the election result, and appoint an administration of technocrats ready to stick to the terms of the bailout – and remain in the euro so that the ECB and France don’t collapse in hopeless debt.

The helpful IIF paper thus alienated perhaps the last puppet the Troika has left. However, as the organisation reads The Slog avidly, it pointed out that ‘the two-party coalition would have trouble receiving wide public support for its actions, given that the anti-memorandum parties would win the majority of votes on Sunday’.

ND spokesman Yiannis Michelakis issued a statement condemning the IIF’s report, suggesting it was an attempt to interfere in the elections. “We are greatly surprised by the references to the Greek elections on May 6 in the IIF’s report,” he said. “We remind the authors of the report that we have a democracy in Greece and we do not need anyone’s instructions.”

Don’t waste your breath, mate.

Meanwhile, tragically twisted control freak German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble threatened that Greece would have to “bear the consequences” if its voters elected a new government that does not respect commitments made by the outgoing coalition. Schäuble also noted that European Union membership is “voluntary”, a view which is at best eccentric, and also one the Cameron Coalition in the UK doesn’t seem to be aware of.

That Herr Schäuble eh, he’s a great bloke isn’t he? But on this occasion, he’s bluffing. The day that Berlin said no to the Geithner Greek-amputation plan was the day Germany revealed to the Greeks that they would pull any stunt to keep them in the tent pissing out, rather than vice-versa.

It’s just a shame that most Greek politicians and MSM organs don’t have the balls or the agility to work on that obvious reality.

Anyway, onwards, upwards, and into another bollocks-crammed day… link to original article


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