Lisa Gawlas – Life’s Kundaline Fire Is Upon Us – Clearing & Enhancing All! – 6 May 2012

I have decided the next time I see any form of lightning appearing in the field, I am tucking tail and running the other way!  It just seems to fry my brains!  I could feel my brain activity come to a halt as I closed out yesterdays sharing. I was hoping it was just for a moment, but of course not.  My first reading went nowhere fast.

My second one tho, was a birthday reading bought by her daughter and I soooo wanted to read for her.  So I trained my vision on the field and pulled energy up from every where I could find within my body.  What I had seen and felt just caught me by such surprise.

The field was on fire!!  I could see big lapping flames that seemed to engulf the entirety of the area that I talked about yesterday; the wispy vortex.  The flames  were from the sky all the way down into the golden domed magnetosphere on the ground.  I could feel the heat, the passion and the warning of no readings today.  I knew as the day progressed, the fire would spread.  All readings were rescheduled.

When I got over my sheer surprise of the large flames, I started to understand what we were engulfed in: Kundalini Fire.

I started to remember the last couple weeks of readings from last month, the liquid yellow energy that filled the energy of May.  I knew that was the pure energy of the creator set free in the fields of life.  I suppose the lightning bolts from the early morning sharing gave way to igniting the flames of passion that is Life itself.

The one thing I understand for sure, is the electricity and the flames of passion will be felt first and foremost with all those aligned to the higher frequencies of life.

My day was spent in and out of feelings.  Like this wave of gratitude overcame me, it was as much outside of me as it was inside.  Then joy, then more gratitude, then a reflection of those in my life now…You, and it was filled with such a feeling… one I have no words to describe at all.  Each added feeling always seemed to bring in deeper gratitude.  Like gratitude is the glue that holds the rainbow together.

With the enormity and consistency of these waves of feelings, I started to wonder if they were all mine or something else?  It is only this morning that I realize it was both.  The field of Life and the field of Lisa are in resonant harmony… as are so many of you.  Like I said, You were present and so appreciated during my interesting waves of feeling.

My own energy field was deleted for the whole day yesterday.  I wanted to do a meditation, didn’t have the energy to take a bath.  I knew there was a global meditation taking place at 8:30pm that I wanted to participate in, so I took a nap at 4pm to make sure I was awake and able to participate.  Seems my body was way more tired than I realized, I woke up at 10pm.  Just shit!!

That amazing moon tho, was beaming into my windows.  I decided to step outside and take a bath (not literally) in the moonbeams of this powerful new moon… asking it to help me see what I am not currently seeing.

I sat on my couch, slightly upset that my power nap was 6 hours long, but then this feeling came over me.  Like a gentle stream of soft white energy and with it I became so reflective.

I thought about this paternal family that seemed to burst into my life, the letter I wrote to my mother last year that fell on deaf ears… so much of my past that I had always thought I wanted to reconnect with.  It was as if the moonbeams turned into a gentle wash cloth and removed the residual energy of that life.  It was so serene and so complete, and I drifted back off to sleep again.

This morning I really have to pay attention to something… something that is so important for all of us to understand.  The past needs to stay in the past.

I have echoed that to my son the last couple of weeks as bits and pieces of his past story try to come present again.   He too has come to that vivid realization.  My youngest daughter recently spent a week in the (non) spiritual community we lived in, in 2005 and was ready to come back home within 3 days.

Our past was perfect in getting us to here.  To this very place and time and understanding (no matter where one is within their understanding, it is perfect.)  It is time to fully release it.  You will never become new with arms filled with the past.  Of course, a lot of folks may not want to move forward.

I remember when I went thru my own kundalini integration, it was the most profound, life changing experience in my whole journey, even to date.  Thru that 2-3 month inner Odyssey, I was released from a past filled with pain and sickness.  My body and my mind fully healed…

So I have to look at the flames of passion filling the earth in this moment.  Clearing all debris from the path of ultimate fulfillment for All of life.  Healing and restoring Life to pure health and vitality, in oneness.

I am given a visual to share with those who have cleared the energy of their past.  As I see it, it is a watery film of energy that goes from sky to ground.  As we clear our internal and external energy field to reflect that energy, we move thru a circle of energy, a portal I suppose, that closes behind us.  This represents our current moment in time.  To arrive here is to remove all identity from the past and allow everything to become completely new.

For those on the cusp of this magnificent, empty looking place… the pure kundalini fires of Life itself will burn what is no longer needed in your life, in your mind, in your energy.  This would be a great meditation to do, forewarned is always forearmed!!

For those still on the cusp, don’t be surprised if you suddenly experience job loss, relationship loss, home/house loss and so on.  The only way to be birthed into the new is by letting go of the past.

There are many of us who have already “let go.”   This is an awkward space because there is nothing old to hang onto, and nothing new to begin with.

Think of the newborn child who has just arrived into life thru the birth canal of the mother (can we say April lol)… suddenly flooded with bright lights, unfamiliar sounds and having to breathe air for the first time in all its creation. We are here!

A true, complete and permanent birth.  Just as a baby cannot reverse itself and climb back into the mother’s womb, neither can we.  This is living true ascension.

It feels like we have a two-week orientation period that we are now in today that will take us to the Solar Eclipse on May 20th, 2012.  From what I am seeing and understanding in this moment, our heart energy is being fully wired to our new life.  Pay attention to your feelings, sudden inspirations, washes of desire you didn’t even know you had… over these new two weeks.  They will be previews to what is coming up in our new life story.

I also have a feeling, this sharing is a preview of what will be seen thru readings these next two weeks.

I have never felt so “new” in all my life.  Calm, centered and ready!

Ohhhhhhh….. let’s close with one really exciting thought that was just given to me!!  It is only now, with the pure release of spirit’s kundalini energy on earth, that the children of earth can now (well, really, soon) experience, in fullness the fullness of what Divine Coupling really means!!

Holy Cow batman… where is my Jorge???????  (cheesy grin)

I so love y’all and thank each and every one for doing such amazing inner and outer work to open the full gates of Heaven that we are now in!!

Thank you sun for always being in step with Life.  Of course it is now crackling with M-Class flares today, which I have a feeling will intensify over the next two weeks!!  Bring it on!!!

Dancing on the Flames of Fire wrapping ((((HUGZ)))) around everyone!!

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