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Lucas – Reconciling Both Sides – Oneness – 6 May 2012

A surge of love and understanding, a visit from the stars and more things happening in my live this past few days made me write this article. It is not about the usual nor about the things presented in any way for months now to us in media or expressed in other ways. It is about seeing the new way of thinking in progress. The thinking with the heart in unconditional love. Continue reading

Crystaqueous – The Blessed Story Being Told On The Earth Stage – Part 10 – 6 May 2012

Although all are indeed on their journey to role termination whether they realize it or not, I feel it’s healthy to keep a focus on the fact that an incredibly wonderful Story is being told which highly depends on every single role that’s being acted out upon this earth stage.  And therefore there is incredible significance to every detail and every event transpiring here.  Very often these take the form of entering into a romance, breaking up from the same, protesting for peace at some government capitol center, taking a trek with one’s sweetheart into a high and beautiful mountain on a delightfully sunny and warm day, writing a book, raising a child, getting sick and well again, teaching truth and healing the diseased, the hour commute to the work place, growing a garden, and making the matrix film, etc, etc, etc,. Continue reading

Terrence Aym – Masters Of The World : HAARP Wars – 6 May 2012

Ask most scientists and they’ll tell you that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is simply a scientific research station designed to study and interact with the Earth’s ionosphere and determine new ways to propagate radio waves. But ask anyone who’s knowlegeable about brilliant inventor, Nikola Tesla, and they’ll tell you that HAARP’s a very sophisticated, sinister advance of Tesla’s amazing research at his Long Island Wardencliffe Tower lab. There, Tesla discovered ways to modify the weather, create earthquakes, and develop a ‘Death Ray’ more powerful than the hydrogen bomb…a deadly radiowave weapon so powerful Tesla claimed it could wipe entire armies from the face of the globe. Some insist HAARP is that and much more. And now the evidence that weaponized HAARP complexes are being built by the USA, Russia, and China in remote regions across the world has surfaced. Get ready for the HAARP Wars… Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – In Your Realization Of Oneness – 6 May 2012

God said:

In Oneness, you let go of your old identity. Even wonderful identity, you let go of it. In Our Oneness, the Oneness of I, it is you and it is I, and that’s it. Even the identity of family, you let go of. Good family, happy family, sad family, unhappy family, you let go of. Your profession, you let go of. Your wages, large or small, you let go of. Employment or unemployment, you let go of. Gender, you let go of. Age, you let go of. You might think you are being reduced to Oneness, yet all your ties on Earth assume a different position, and you are rising to Oneness. When it is you and I, it is you and I, and naught comes between the One of Us. Reuniting with Me in Oneness is not a social activity. Continue reading

Laura Wellington – “LIFE” Is Found In Helping Others! – 6 May 2012

If I could share 500 words of wisdom to summarize what I’ve learned so far in life, these are the important things I’d want to pass along to others…

It is incredible to me how many fortunate people move through life confused, unhappy, and depressed. The “Woe is me!” attitude seems to run ramped in today’s society. So many people would rather give up the privilege of truly living for the comfort of complacency and dissatisfaction. It takes effort to truly live, little more than the effort it takes to remain depressed. Yet so many choose the latter. I find this to be quite sad. Continue reading

Jacque Fresco – Ron Paul’s Mega Crowds.. No Media Coverage! – 6 May 2012

Did you honestly think the Ron Paul revolution would be televised? Here’s a check on reality as to who is really the #1 presidential nominee for 2012.

Whilst the supposed front runner Romney barely gets over 100 people to a rally, Gingrich and Santorum after talking to empty rooms of 30 people, one man has been pulling in the masses. That man is Ron Paul.Ron Paul is the only one in polls who can and would beat Obama, the NWO puppet. Continue reading

Kauilapele – “Let Us All Serve The Light” – And Steve Beckow’s “Periodical Reminder That Obama Serves The Light”

I saw this article by Steve today, and felt very strongly moved to post this now. This may be my only post for today. First, coffee… Excellent! (“Peruviopian” (Peruvian + Ethiopian)…

There sometimes seem to be few who look at this particular person (“O”) with anything but contempt and doubt and scorn and whatever dark-intended words they can come up with. If anyone has any problems with posts that view Obama in a positive (for the “good” of the world) Light, you’ may want to skip this one. Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – A Twist Of Love & A Squeeze Of Expansion! – 6 May 2012

What has been happening? Did the world shift overnight? I personally have been feeling a climax of energy building for the past six weeks and overnight – during the 5:5:5 alignment (5th May 2012) and the full mOOn something happened!! I am not the only one it seems, I am already receiving many reports of a shift!! Here’s what I am feeling…

I am feeling that the collective energy has taken a lift up to a new volume! This new volume is a jump in energy vibration for the collective WHOLE! Some people will be sensing this consciously and some unconsciously – either way it doesn’t matter. What this jump is specifically is not important, what is important right now is INTEGRATION and anchoring this heightened energy into our body and life – to really bring Heaven to Earth or Spirit to Matter. Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – You Find Yourselves Feeling More Hopeful And More Upbeat In Spite Of The Chaos – 6 May 2012

We in the spiritual realms are watching with joy as we observe the progress you are making in releasing old self-serving attitudes and embracing the divine field of Love that surrounds you, constantly offering you the peace, the faith, and the confidence you need to move out of the darkness of the illusion and into the brilliant Light of Reality.  You know that that is where you belong, that that is where you truly have your existence, and that you are readying yourselves to awaken into that blissful state where all your needs are abundantly provided for. Continue reading

John Smallman – Jesus – When You See What Has Been Hidden From You For So Long, Your Spirits Will Rise – 6 May 2012

The oneness of humanity is becoming ever more apparent to you as your scientific research continues to produce incontrovertible evidence to support this. All are connected, and whatever one does, says, or thinks affects all.  At present, with so many differing opinions and beliefs scattered across the world, disagreement and conflict is endemic because of the confusing tangle of messages that are widely broadcast as a result of these differences.  As increasing numbers of you work to change your attitudes and release your prejudices you open your hearts to the divine energy field in which you are all immersed, thus allowing the fog of confusion in which you have lived for so long to start dispersing. Continue reading