Visionkeeper – Still Alive And Breathing – 6 May 2012

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Hey Everybody….I just landed on the computer again and found over a hundred emails awaiting me. You guys are just the best and Hannah thanks for the healing meditation. I am finally in the new house. It was the move from hell. Picking the weekend of the super moon and solar flares was not to brilliant. It rained on Friday when we packed the truck but we got it done.

Saturday we unloaded and the movers were in a terrible mood, I am sure due to flares and the full moon. They literally dragged everything off the truck, stuffed everything in every nook and cranny of the house and drove off. Beds were not put back together, furniture for the 3rd floor was on the 1st, no rugs put down and the house was left by the owners in a terrible disarray of trash and junk they didn’t want to deal with. Like I do, it’s not even mine.

I am totally wiped out looking at well over 130 boxes to unpack around all the furniture left hither and yon. It will take me a month at least to get this done. I can’t walk very well still It’s been a huge shock on top of all the energies swirling all about. I have to at least get my kitchen done so I can eat before I get back here. I will do the Oracle Report everyday and throw in some other goodies and maybe even a post or two as time permits. Thanks so much for being so patient and sending me so much wonderful energy. I have the best bunch of readers on here!!! Hope the moon was kind to you all. Sending you all love and much gratitude….. VK

P.S. The house is happily being guarded by little wooden houses of cheery bluebirds and talkative tree swallows gliding about between the flowering fruit trees. A bit of heaven! link to original article


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