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Bashar – The Future Of Humanity – 7 May 2012

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We are ONE family. Let us come together through love, kindness, peace and compassion so that we can build a better world for ourselves and for the future generations to come. Spread the words and never give up!!! Love and light to all…:)


Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 7 May 2012

The Justice Journey #7 is a particular journey a soul will incarnate through once it is decided that it is this lesson the soul wishes and needs to learn to continue advancing as a being of light through this journey we call existence. There are many different themed journeys that a soul can partake in, and the Justice Journey is but one of them.

Each one of you at this time is on a particular themed journey. Each one of you has chosen your journey and all of the lessons that will be presented to you while you are incarnated within the physical. Many of the friends that you meet and many of the antagonists that you meet have been carefully selected by you, in order to help facilitate the learning of the particular lessons tied to the journey of knowledge, wisdom and experience that you are currently on.  Continue reading

Kris Won – Commander Sohin – Spaceship Alpha – 7 May 2012

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

During the last weeks, the number of men and women – especially women – who have begun to channel messages has increased, many of which are being published in the Internet, to our joy and blessing.

We have chosen the channelings to convey to you the news of everything that is occurring during the process of Ascension, for we consider it ideal that only those who are open to a First Contact and to everything that the Great Revelation of our presence among you implies, have an easy access to such information, while those who scoff at this information or simply don’t believe in it because they are mentally vibrating in the old archetype, will not find themselves at ease reading them. Continue reading

Press TV: British PM Could Face “Vote Of No Confidence” At Parliament


Britain’s Conservative MP Nadine Dorries.

Mon May 7, 2012 12:35PM GMT

Disastrous council election results in Britain are piling growing pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron with Tory rebels signaling a ‘vote of no confidence’, local media reported. Continue reading

Jeleila Starr – Shingles : A Message From The Inner Child – 7 May 2012

As each day brings us closer to the end of the year, and the old reality, our lessons increase in number and intensity. I believe it is our guides’ way to ensuring that we clear as much as possible before we move into the new world. Sometimes a lesson requires that we share it with others, not only for their illumination, but as a way to heal from the pain. (Yes, talking helps.) To that end I share this one with you. Continue reading

Crystaqueous – Sciences Of The Dream – Part 9 -( forgot to post on 5 May) 7 May 2012

The subject of astrology is a fascinating one. Truly, many roles are highly absorbed in this Play art in the capacity of performing readings or chartings etc, etc, or merely seekers of such.   It can truly be said, that this is among the many sciences of the dream in which all the while one is actively participating, one will not share in an ascension focus simultaneously.  It’s like having one foot in the dream while attempting to have the other in the Realm of the Real.  This can not be done. Continue reading

JonnyDontPlay – Earth Magnetism is Harmonizing – 7 May 2012

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The Earth is grand, vibrant and vast – few realize it’s importance.

John Ward – Greek Deadlock : Now The Eu’s Fiscal Task-Force Is Taking Up Permanent Residence In Athens – 7 May 2012

News broke in Athens this morning to the effect that the European Commission’s Greek fiscal task force, under the leadership of Horst Reichenbach, is to make its set-up in Athens permanent.

Well now, that didn’t take long did it?

Reichenbach’s team size is to be quadrupled from 10 to 40 officials responsible for monitoring the implementation of reforms that Greece has pledged to its Troika creditors. The European Commission’s task force leader and his team are to set up office in the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) building in the central Athens district of Gazi this week. Reichenbach is currently seeking out a location  for permanent offices. Greek newspaper Kathimerini has been told by sources in the existing set-up that Greek employees at the regulatory authority are extremely angry, and ‘reluctant to share space with representatives of the country’s foreign creditors’. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Untangle From Old Concepts And Live In Freedom! – 7 May 2012

I went and sat down by the river last evening, my heart filled with the wonder of the days readings and my own life emerging.  I looked at the sheer diversity of life in bloom along both sides of the river.  The majesty of the Mesa jutting upwards to the sky.  I remembered the vortexes I watched emerge over the last 4 months, the guardians keeping watch at the top of the Mesa.  I took notice of the plants and tree’s ready to pollinate, all the pollen clusters were yellow. Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 7 May 2012

Third dimensional life has been quite interesting, rather challenging yet engaging, and definitely comprehensive since the full moon. In my own life, and in the lives of those I interact with daily, there has been a vibratory force of Self-realization shaking loose tensions, restrictions, limitations, etc. from the denser (astral, emotional, etheric and physical) levels of being. And there won’t be any relief from this latest cosmic clean-up until the next full moon/lunar eclipse on June 4th. If the current healing encounter has you attending to the Soul’s agenda rather than your human reality structure then be certain you are in “slow down” mode as this window of transformation continues to send healing energy to the very depths of your being. Pushing the envelope too fast or too far while the universe is up to its constellation clusters in ascension mischief will prove costly from the personality’s vantage point. Continue reading