Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 7 May 2012

Third dimensional life has been quite interesting, rather challenging yet engaging, and definitely comprehensive since the full moon. In my own life, and in the lives of those I interact with daily, there has been a vibratory force of Self-realization shaking loose tensions, restrictions, limitations, etc. from the denser (astral, emotional, etheric and physical) levels of being. And there won’t be any relief from this latest cosmic clean-up until the next full moon/lunar eclipse on June 4th. If the current healing encounter has you attending to the Soul’s agenda rather than your human reality structure then be certain you are in “slow down” mode as this window of transformation continues to send healing energy to the very depths of your being. Pushing the envelope too fast or too far while the universe is up to its constellation clusters in ascension mischief will prove costly from the personality’s vantage point.

Clean up campaigns such as these continue to receive the good-housekeeping seal of cosmic approval because we are now “apart” from what we have always experienced as life on planet earth (Gaia). As of this year we have journeyed far enough into the New living field that we can start to experience the greater power of Divinity that resides within all. The call went out many years ago for Gaia and all her inhabitants to rise in consciousness to avoid devastation during this very intense cycle of change. The frequencies of higher love, harmony, understanding, inclusion, and compassion were waiting to baptize this realm of the galactic family and that order of business would guarantee that evolved consciousness would have its own dwelling place where it is able to grow and develop unhindered by the dismissal needs of such attitudes as greed, gluttony, and power.

Weeks such as this one serve as a reminder to choose enlightenment and spiritual authenticity. Yes, as we partake in the evolutionary workouts there are bumps and bruises but the dicey days are worth the end result of discovering the Soul’s treasure-trove of hidden truths. The illusions of a third dimensional existence are now too narrow and limited for those bonded with the Light that is evolving Love within its expression here. The ego, instinctual, and subconscious intelligences within the resume of human criteria are being revolutionized. The personality’s identity that includes these three layers of intelligence are in for a challenging period as polarity is dissolved from this corner of the universe.

Most people I encounter still have no idea that their ego’s “personality” is temporary and extremely limited to their own views of who they think they are. They get stuck inside the 3D ego game without using their Soul GPS (galactic positioning system) to navigate. More commonly they become paralyzed within the opposing opposites of polarity – do I choose love or fear? Give or take? Stop or go? And while in this state of confusion, they don’t even realize they have become inert. This inertia slows down the Being’s Soul evolutionary process, and they circle around in the game of Life unable to move past immature negative ego patterns. They do not know how they got here, much less who is actually running the ego intelligence. They do not know how to learn the skills (aka soul lessons) that graduate them out of the current Earth experiment.

And this is why we are still stripping away and cleaning up what no longer serves us as a Force of Love with an open heart chakra. All are growing out of being a human that experiences love as a mental or emotional concept. We have been trained to misinterpret the spiritual attributes of Love, limiting them to the ego’s perspective rather than sensing them from the experiential level of the Soul hence the sweeping energies that cause the uncontrollable weeping, the untamed frustration, foggy confusion, inexhaustible tiredness, physical injuries and other anatomical maladies.

Remember May of 2012 is about making you sensitive to the multi-sensory, multi-dimensional, multi-fielded creature that you really are. To do this efficiently your Soul is going to have to throw out the consciousness values that equate you with deeply ingrained third dimension negative ego mass consciousness. Can you understand that? Do you see why things are falling apart in order that the “realm of the soul” now fills all the space within your potential? Will everything still upset you when it’s revealed that the emotional and spiritual work you do today brings about the One true essence and power of Love that is needed by this planet?

Our awareness is being divinely and cosmically cultivated every day my friends! There is a harmony of unified energies that are racing to embody each of us and through your intention and devotion this Living Light of the One Source we can fulfill the divine plan for humanity. Strive this week to be a greater expression of Love than you were last week. Delve deeper into your Soul identity and infuse all your moments with the experience of being here as the Eternal Living Light of One Source. Prepare a physical home (your body) that welcomes this New inner alchemy of Christ consciousness so that it can be utilized as a channel of unified Source energy. Joyfully create and dance into every mishap and disappointment knowing that you are penetrating the Power of the greatest energetic principle of our times – the frequency of Universal Love.

Setting the stage for new potential,

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2 responses to “Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 7 May 2012

  1. Joanne Griffing

    Is anyone else having dizzy, not feeling well, floaty, buzzy I can’t explain how I feel but I AM sick of it and want to feel like I use to please, I have to work and I can’t work like this…….prayers for me please.

    • Joanne we are with you and sent healing light and love.
      This is the acceleration of things going on now. For each of us it is different. Even a lot are going through the dark nights of the soul now. Feeling more pain and stress, feeling all negativity that has to be tranformed and let go off to get further on hte path towards ascension. Love and Light to all. Lucas