Crystaqueous – Sciences Of The Dream – Part 9 -( forgot to post on 5 May) 7 May 2012

The subject of astrology is a fascinating one. Truly, many roles are highly absorbed in this Play art in the capacity of performing readings or chartings etc, etc, or merely seekers of such.   It can truly be said, that this is among the many sciences of the dream in which all the while one is actively participating, one will not share in an ascension focus simultaneously.  It’s like having one foot in the dream while attempting to have the other in the Realm of the Real.  This can not be done.

All earth science is the same whether it be religious medical political military archeological astronomical industrial or technological etc, etc.  The Play ego or mind-human has great difficulty dealing with this as such imagines that the sciences constitute the pathway for an evolving race into the Divine Reality.  This is part of the distortion which is uniquely programmed into the Divine Play.

Hypnotism is another interesting subject and is largely practiced in the dream.  Such is used in multiple so-called therapeutic programs.  However, so long as one is thus involved one will remain blind to the Ultimate Way of Spirit.  The Masters always advise that those journeying through the illusion of dream stay clear of every form of hypnotism—administratively and subjectively.

It’s the same as when any are yet docked in some form of institutionalized religion.  Apparently, as long as any remain in such connection there will not be the ability to advance on the Spirit Path, but only a feeling of being stuck to a lesser or greater degree.  But this too is role-scripted for many as they journey.  Eventually individual journeyers find themselves throwing all these dream distraction-traps to the wind.  Every such scenario of the Play is necessary in order that the beautiful and profound Story be completely told.  It is –important that each one understand that in the journey—no judgment is to be made by one of another regarding the way of individual role procedures.  All is functioning on time and in the precise manner in which it was Divinely ordained or pre-scripted.  Therefore, all is always in the utmost Cosmic Perfection.

It is a fact in the Dream that so long as the mind-human or false-self survives and is functioning the body of any individual performer, just so long does the astrological and other sciences pertain or are said to characterize that individual.  In other words, it is very easy for all who practice mind and body sciences to know each dreamer’s behavioral life pattern almost to the very letter.  Many have marveled at this and consequently—in a form of mesmeric devotion—have come to highly revere the practitioner.  But this page too is now turning never to return again.

This simply means that the over-all focus on the Stage of Dream is now more than ever, on the glorious consideration of ascension in mass. Upon role termination stage one or what the writings refer to as Consciousness Ascension a profound alteration has apparently transpired.  Mind Divine is now present in the stead of the ego mind of dream.  Henceforth, one is said to be as the wind—none can know from whence he comes nor whither he goes.  No earth science can any longer pertain.

The Only Love

(Thanks for the writings that have been made available by my friend Bill Ballard)


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