Kris Won – Commander Sohin – Spaceship Alpha – 7 May 2012

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

During the last weeks, the number of men and women – especially women – who have begun to channel messages has increased, many of which are being published in the Internet, to our joy and blessing.

We have chosen the channelings to convey to you the news of everything that is occurring during the process of Ascension, for we consider it ideal that only those who are open to a First Contact and to everything that the Great Revelation of our presence among you implies, have an easy access to such information, while those who scoff at this information or simply don’t believe in it because they are mentally vibrating in the old archetype, will not find themselves at ease reading them.

In this way, the messages will reach those they have to reach!

At any rate, we are also sending our Love from our hearts towards all those who stubbornly wish to remain in the Third Dimension because they feel comfortable in it (it is just a matter of habit because they have been living in it hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes), and also due to the fear of going into unknown terrains that makes them recoil and reject everything new, and that is precisely a glimmer of what Gaia will be in the future, after the dawn of a new paradigm that all of us will create for you.

Nevertheless, many of them are excellent persons, who do not doubt at helping others in need, who are generous or who harbor noble feelings in their hearts, but there is a circumstance where the Lotus flower in their heart has not opened enough yet to be able to open themselves to the Creation of a New Earth and a new biological, mental and spiritual composition that will become the New Man of this planet.

They will follow their spiritual path in other worlds, to which they will be lead when they leave their mortal bodies, and they will incarnate in them for their own spiritual advancement, in the company of all those who are similar to them and they will be attracted to the same spheres due to the Cosmic Law of Attraction that governs and puts conditions on all incarnated souls in different worlds, stars and dimensions.

For all those like you that are reading this message in the Internet, I bring you good news, that you are going to be the protagonists of a brand new root race that will proliferate in this beautiful Earth, Gaia, and who will take care of all creatures who inhabit it, like the Kings of Creation that you are, taking special care of maintaining the purity of the air, the oceans and the forests demanded by God for all His children.

Many of us who have been helping for a long ‘time’ the civilizations and cultures of many planets of this Galaxy, and even beyond it, can see a glimmer of what is to occur in the future also here, because we can compare what is happening here with events that have occurred in other similar places, although in those past cases the circumstances differ a little bit in some details.

Because the process that you are living here, dear terrestrial brothers and sisters, is of a unique nature and absolutely original, you do not know how fortunate you are to be living through these events while being currently incarnated on this planet and living the Planetary Ascension in situ, which I can assure you provokes the jealousy, so to speak, a healthy jealousy in many of those who visit you, who would also love to live first hand this experiencie of ascension.

We want you to understand that if we were to suddenly fly over your cities in this actual time (which is what the majority of you, I would say, would wish) with our interstellar spaceships, panic would break out among many people with simple minds because many of them haven’t even thought about the existence of human beings who are similar or different from you, and who have been ever visiting you, not only in recent times.

It would be a devastating and excessive schock for those who are unprepared to observe, understand and experience that they are not alone in the Universe!

For that reason, we never carry out such similar actions in any Third Dimensional world, unless the circumstances that are happening currently on Earth are given and we are prepared to undertake them at the appropriate moment and under the appropriate and conveniently auspicious circumstances.

Therefore, for those who are waiting anxiously for the world to change HERE and NOW, they need to have a little patience, which is the mother of all sciences, to use one of your expressions.

If we are here, like those who are prepared to read this are intuiting (sensing), despite the fact that they can only see us at night while their bodies are resting, again, if we are here it is because we are going to help you in your process of change towards the 5th Dimension, which will take you to a state closer to reality, even though it won’t be the Absolute Reality yet, that could only be glimmered in the Higher Dimensions closer to the Light of our Great Creator.

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