Lisa Gawlas – Untangle From Old Concepts And Live In Freedom! – 7 May 2012

I went and sat down by the river last evening, my heart filled with the wonder of the days readings and my own life emerging.  I looked at the sheer diversity of life in bloom along both sides of the river.  The majesty of the Mesa jutting upwards to the sky.  I remembered the vortexes I watched emerge over the last 4 months, the guardians keeping watch at the top of the Mesa.  I took notice of the plants and tree’s ready to pollinate, all the pollen clusters were yellow.

I could see the connectedness of all this life, the interconnected relationships of it all, of which, I was a part.  I sat there and gave thanks for this moment in time, for not only bearing witness, but equally being a part of life teaming with life.  In the very moment I filled the field in which I was sitting with pure love energy from my heart, a gentle wind gathered from around all the trees and plants and surrounded me, filled me from head to toe and the gentle wind was filled with love.  I cried.

I could feel every tree, every plant, the energy of the water, the air, the Mesa itself… it was all housed in the gentle wind that blew straight thru me… for me.

This is life living and expressing.  This is the living organism in which we are a part of.

I was given a gift beyond the feeling of love that gathered in the wind to fill me.  I was given a peek into the energy I call Shambhala.  A collective, diverse energy coming together in oneness, moving towards a single goal in that moment…me.

Of course, that was my personal experience.  What I did not see last evening that is being made clear to me now… is the reception of the life around me as I was feeling.  The trees and plants breathed in my breath of love and released it down into the earth, to the critters, the soil, earth herself.  The river took the energy and spread it outwards in all the banks along the way, all the rocks and life within it for as long and far as the river flows.  The wind has carried it for all the air, the life that flies on it’s back to feel.

What appears as a single moment in time, experienced by one human, has already traveled around the globe… for all of life open to receive… to experience.  Take a moment… close your eyes and open your heart… and feel!

This is Shambhala… emerging.

I think about my first reading yesterday.  I understand it so much more now.  The field unfolded in a massive haze.  Think of a morning when the fog was on the ground and you could not see a foot in front of you.  This haze was as far as I could see, save the exterior of the field, it was pitch black.  I could not see thru this haze at all, nor could I feel or hear anything in relationship to it.

I didn’t realize until this moment that the field was reflecting her view of life.

I had to ask her what it is she desires in life.  As she had told me in previous readings… she wants to be FREE.  Freedom is her greatest desire, I could feel that within her.  Immediately she gave me examples of what that FREEDOM looks like to her.  This is what created the haze.  She said enough money to travel and live where ever she wants to and do what she wants.  Money will never set you free, quite the opposite really, it gives you the false illusion of being free.  It creates a false happiness, a false sense of security within a life.

Trust me, been there.  I used to have a very successful telemarketing company in the mid 90′s.  My personal take home pay was always never less than $5000 a week.  But yet, depression still reared its ugly head.  Ulcers still lived large within me.  Granted I could do anything I wanted at any given time.  By the end of every payweek, I usually spent all the money I made the week prior.  Actually, I gave away much more than I spent on myself.  I really wanted to instill the gift of charity within my children… and that, I was successful on.

And then my business collapsed due to my own greed.  There is something funny about money, the more you make, the more you need.  There is no freedom in money, just the illusion.  Hence the haze.

How many people sell their souls to make a dollar?  To create a savings account of retirement account?  Hell, just to pay the bills!!  Steve Jobs (the Apple guy) was a very rich and according to society, a very successful man.  Yet, he died of cancer at a very young age.  His money didn’t stop anything from eating at him.  Thats not freedom at all.

In complete contrast, my second reading for the day…

She too had a film of haze in her reading, but only in the East field.  East is about spring time, new beginnings… planting seeds you cannot see the emergence of yet.

I was able to see thru the haze into her West field, which was on fire!!  West, a time of harvest, reaping all that you have sewed thru your lifetimes.  This was the passion of life burning already on her field of Harvest.

She had told me that she recently lost her job and is in the midst of suing her employer for age discrimination.  She was given the security of unemployment to cover her monthly needs.  She has already committed herself to full on Self discovery thru this coming year.  In being in service, exploring what her true passion is and living that way.

THAT is the greatest gift of freedom you will ever experience.  When we are fully aligned with the passion of our heart, every need is already taken care of.

Life does not exist in excess.  It cannot, it would choke out other life as it did.

True freedom is sitting on the banks of a river, completely detached from all that is cluttering your life and mind… and Being fully and completely connected within the living organism of All life.

It is there we are truly free and will learn (remember) how to travel as freely as the wind.

We are beginning!!!

In deep gratitude and pure freedom to all!

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