Lucas – A Greek Paradox And A French Sleeper – 7 May 2012

Strange to read about the Greek opposition to Europe and the austerity  winning, but not really winning. Due to the Greek electorial system the winning party in the elections, gets 50 seats in the Parliament extra.

This makes that though the “winners” still lose in a paradox. The Greeks win nothing and lose only in time. The not “winning” but still largest party is just one seat short of forming a government. But the other parties the real “winners” will not help to get a majority for sure.

So this will soon become a stalemate. And after a couple of attempts to form a government new elections have to decide again what will happen.

NO win NO gain.

The French instead chose Hollande for their new President.  He has promised at least once to renegotiate the European treaty on the Euro. This he also denied at least once. He won on  social topics and promises and due to Sarkozy’s controversy on for instance dubious election funding in the past.

Who will win here?  This is not really a question but just a fact as nobody will win. The  first things planned  for Hollande are flying over to Berlin and Brussels to set again the course the Tr0ika and EU (by name Merkel and Barosso) have set. The dark cabal course of tightening the strains on the people will continue. The ultimate goal is  having a dictatorship given by the ESM in juli 2012.  But it will fail.

I myself see al these developments just as the last struggle of the dark ones. The course for change is already set and that change is not what ever smokescreen is again put up by the dark ones to get away from the issue: The Euro zone and Euro will explode and the financial system will collapse.  So think about that. Just see the bigger picture.

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