Montague Keen – 6 May 2012

My dear, do wish Marcia a Happy Birthday from me. I will be as brief as possible as you need to be with your family.

These are desperate times for many on Earth just now. It is difficult for them to see any light at the end of the tunnel. Please assure them it is just a matter of time. The Cabal is ensuring that people suffer because the energy from the suffering and fear is the oxygen that gives them strength. One only has to look at the extreme poverty in America, where people bought into the American Dream in the Land of the Free; now they find themselves helpless because the bankers have destroyed that dream.

Finance is always made available to go to war but not to feed and house the people. What happens to all those promises that are made to get your vote. It is time to call these people to account. Every time you reach out to help those who suffer and are hungry, you defeat those who wish to destroy them. The 99% need to come together and help each other to spread the light to bring the Transition forward. So much is in your hands. We can do a lot, but together we are unbeatable.

One day soon, you will understand why the Big Shift has to start in Ireland. I repeat once more, “Ireland is the key that will unlock everything”. I offer my sincere gratitude to Debby of Extraterrestrials, who has taken this information on board. She has taken the time to research this question and has shared her findings with so many. You, my dear, have now talked with young men in Ireland who are, in fact, Ancient Druids, who have returned to oversee the Transition and ensure that the truth unfolds. This could not happen until the Prime Minister of Ireland, Enda Kenny, took the first step to expose the crimes of the Vatican and its plans to continue to fragment the minds of children, and so control the people. Mr Kenny will one day understand the importance of that one speech *). Ireland and the whole world waited a long time for that. He opened a door that can never again be closed. He earned the gratitude of the world and the World of Spirit when he took this brave step. The Vatican’s stranglehold on Ireland, and thus, the history of your world, has been broken forever. The Irish people are waking up in droves. The Vatican decreed that “The Irish must never find out who they are”. Now they are beginning to wake up, to learn who they are.

You were delighted to learn of an Irish lady who has studied the evidence of the Irish connection with Egypt and the historical importance of this connection. There is proof positive in both countries and now it is being revealed that all that you were taught about the history of your world is FALSE. This information affects every country. As Ireland is the KEY, it must start there. You have to look back to ancient times before you can go forward to a future that promises to be one of peace, love and harmony for all men.

The Cabal is all but finished. You are seeing its death throes as its members search for an escape. Do not concentrate on money as it will not figure in your future life. I know that it is hard for you to envisage a life without money because you have been so conditioned to see it as something to strive for. There will be more than enough of everything for all. Technology will be given to you that will transform your lives completely. The human mind cannot even imagine the like, as yet. Life on Earth will become a joy and travel will be just a thought away. You will learn how great your minds are and how much is possible, just using the human mind. Prepare for when your mind is restored and its full potential is enjoyed once more. You are powerful Beings of Light whose light was tampered with and almost extinguished by those who have controlled you. You will be shocked to learn that all those terrible illnesses, the ageing process, etc., were designed to keep you under control, by those who took control of your planet. All those doors are opening as we write. Understand that just because you do not see it, does not mean that it is not happening; it is just that the evidence of it is being kept from you.

Together, you have the power to do this yourselves, but we are assisting you. Trust your hearts to guide you forward to take your place in the Universe again. You know, my dear, you have talked with our friends from Andromeda who are assisting also. They guard you and protect you. They have taken positions around your planet, ready to step in should the Cabal continue with its evil plans. You know that governments have worked closely with the Greys for many years. They have kept you in the dark about this, as they feared that they would lose control if you learned the truth. Those who truly rule your planet are totally DARK and EVIL. They have no respect for normal human beings. You are there only to serve them. Soon, you will have to face the terrible truth of what has been done to you by this Cabal. Again, I say, nothing is as it seems. What you believed to be good and pure was, in fact, totally evil and corrupt.

We will provide you with every assistance possible to help you awaken; to go forward into the Light of what will seem like a beautiful new world.

Veronica, my dear, you are certainly on the right track. Follow the leads that you know in your heart are right. The 99% have great responsibilities. They need to make valued judgments regarding politicians and religious bodies. You cannot afford to make any more mistakes. Mistakes delay completion. The whole world will rejoice when it moves into the Light.

My dear, you have family to attend to. I appreciate your devotion to our project. Our time together is precious to both of us. We worked together closely in life and we continue to do so.

I will forever be your adoring husband, Monty.

*) This is the news coverage of that speech: Taoiseach Enda Kenny in unprecedented attack on Vatican link to article


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