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Fran Zepeda – Sananda – Shine Your Light – 8 May 2012



Your world is changing dear ones. You are changing. Your world is transforming, heart-by-heart, soul-by-soul, due to the light penetration equaling no other at any other time in the history of duality. Mark my words, dear ones.

Let us look at what has transpired. Many souls have made the leap of faith and love into the “wild blue yonder”, as they say. That is a saying, but it has credence for what is transpiring, for many sayings have their roots in Truths. It is your choice whether you see it as wild or yonder, or even blue, for that matter; however, this merely points out that a huge opening is occurring and you are seeing things as you have never seen them before.  Continue reading


David Wilcock – Update – Arrest Warrants: Liens Filed Against G7 Central Banks – 8 May 2012


There has been an exciting new development in this story very recently.

A very high-level international attorney has gotten involved — and is now providing direct assistance to Keenan and the alliance, which now numbers at 143 countries. Continue reading

Kees De Graaff – Invitation To The Galactic Federation To Help Us – 8 May 2012

Invitation to the Galactic Federation to Help Us

Dear friends,

We’re setting up an action that can be done at the speed of light.

We know that our world is ruled by corrupt people, who all work together to keep us under control.

We also know that our world has been visited by benevolent ET species, many of them humanoid, who work together in a huge organization called the Galactic Federation of Light. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 8 May 2012

To read in accordance information as it is intended, a channel must put aside any randomly scattered thoughts and memories and focus on nothingness, as this is the proper way to receive information from conscious higher dimensional sources as opposed to pulling in information that has been stored within libraries of knowledge throughout this universe. There are many of those who are channeling information at this time, and many of these individuals are funneling information from these vast libraries that are located in many different areas and through the many dimensions. These individuals are then sharing this information with others as if it were sent to them from conscious, higher dimensional beings to share with those of your world.  Continue reading

The Free Galactic Press – Daily Blue Star UFO Report – 8 May 2012

Due to some technical problems todays update will be kind of short thus it’s still worth watching.

Love you all,

ANdReA Continue reading

Occupy.com – Showdown In Charlotte : Bank VS America – 8 May 2012

Uploaded on 2 May 2o12 by   on youtube. Continue reading

John Kettler – ETs/EDs Hold San Andreas Fault Together – No Quakes! – ETs/EDs Ruin Quakes Forecast By Jack Coles – Had 92% Prediction Accuracy Before This – 8 May 2012

ETS/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) are starting to make believers from skeptics while confounding conventional scientific investigators. California’s San Andreas Fault, which marks the tectonic boundary between the North American Plate and the northward advancing Pacific Plate has long been locked. Renowned quake predictor Jack Coles (story in three parts) had forecast two big quakes for this  past weekend, (two 6-5-7.5s, one in the San Francisco Bay Area and the other extending “from Santa Barbara to Mexico,” with magnitude one higher if at sea), corresponding with the full Moon and the Super Moon (moon at perigee). The ETs/EDs intervened to prevent this, given the devastation it would’ve caused. Continue reading

John Ward – Breaking… Credit Agricole “Will Be Hollande’s First Challenge” Say Sources – 8 May 2012

Investors may be about to panic as CA price continues to fall

Tuesday’s confirmation of yesterday’s Zero Hedge rumour (that Spain is embarking on a bailout of its banking system) must be making the residents of Berlin-sur-Brussels wonder what on Earth might happen next. But it’s looking increasingly like the Next Big Thing could be a French bank failure. Continue reading

Lucas – New Post Of Order About Drake and Kerry Cassidy – 8 May 2012

In my last post of order I had decided to stop posting Kerry and Project Camelot.  I had my reasons to get not in the middle of a conflict that would also get me in a lawsuit just for posting information by Kerry and Project Camelot. That I am not interested in.

I have learned by the info and what I read that Drake this time wrongly accused Kerry and Project Camelot.  In this Drake has done what he shouldn’t have done.  Assume or opt prejudiced.  Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Spain To Spend €7bn-€10bn (It Doesn’t Have), Bailing Out Bankia, The Nation’s 3rd Largest Bank; Liar, Liar Pants On Fire – 8 May 2012

After insisting no bailouts would be needed, Spain to spend billions on bank rescue

Spain is planning a state bail-out of Bankia, the country’s third biggest bank by assets, in a move likely to involve the injection of billions of euros of public money into the troubled lender.

In an abrupt reversal of policy, the Spanish government, which had previously insisted that no additional state money would be needed to clean up the country’s banking sector, confirmed that an intervention was being prepared. Continue reading