Awakening Truth World Wide Blogtakradio – Guiding Lite Show – Michael Tellinger On His Constitutional Court Case And TOLEC Gives Updates On The Andromeda Council – 8 May 2012

You have to skip the first 7 minutes and 58 secondes due to technical difficulities then starts the interview with Michael and then get an human kind history lesson and lesson about the existance of money till about 53 minutes the talk is going to head towards the Constitutional Court Case. The second hour is for Tolec’s updates.

link to A Guiding Lite radioshow 7 May 2012

1st hour –  Michael Tellinger vs. Standard Bank

Everyone seems to feel a change in the air.  Will this change come soon?  Who is on the front lines of this change?  Is there any evidence that real people are working for this change?  Tune in as we discuss the possibility…

2nd hour –  Tolec-Updates re: Operating Structure, Key Protocols & Guidelines – Of The Actual Andromeda Council

Tolec and Dr. Marra will be discussing: The Andromeda Council and their latest developments…They will also dive into: life as a 4D human, what healthcare will look like, the modalities we will be using, and energy work…  Tune in, as we discuss the possibilities…

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