Benjamin Fulford – Reader Updates – 8 May 2012

Hi Ben

I have been following you since way back when you did Project Camalot but no I have not subscribed yet.
After the earthquakes here not alot has happend in the way of rebuilding everyone is getting the run around by there insurance company some insurance companies not even talking to there costomers.
Alot of our houses should be getting rebuilt including ours but the insurance will only pay to be fixed but there is no way they can be fixed.
People are basicly being forced out of there houses with not enough money to get into new ones.
There is not alot of work here because of this. We are starting to feel like we are getting backed into a courner.
My questions to you are.
1 Where does New Zealand stand in all this that is going on in the world?
2        Is the reason for us not getting paid out by our insursnce companies because the reinsurers don’t have the money?                                    (Knowing the insurance compaies and banks are all tied.)
3    I see John Key (our Prime Minister) has been invited to the Bilderberg meeting this year. What does that mean for New Zealand?
      If you could please comment and answer these few question.
     If there was any way I could help.
     Keep up the good work
     Kind Regards
 Answer Fulford:
Thanks for the question. My understanding is that 1 million members of American cabalist families asked to be allowed to move to New Zealand and were refused. For that reason New Zealand was punished with an earthquake weapon. US earthquake warfare specialist Thad Allen (from the Rand Corporation) and 43 US officials were in New Zealand and left immediately before the earthquake hit.
The bankers and insurance companies are not going to pay because they are criminals and they are bankrupt.
If your Prime Minister is going to the Bilderberg meeting then you can be sure he has been bribed by the cabal and will be betraying his country.
My suggestion is that the people of New Zealand take a close look at what happened in Iceland and do something similar to what the people of Iceland did.

misa 81704-last reply

Please let me point out this from your friends blog.A BIT OF THE LEGALESEPresident Soekarno of Indonesia was given the legal, historic rights to the seized gold, since 85 percent of it was from Asia. This was granted in 1948, under UN Resolution MISA 81704, Operation Heavy Freedom. Soekarno was appointed as M1, (Monetary Controller). The entire centralized system was legally put under his disposal as Trustee.The bullion was deposited into the centralized system of the “Bank for International Settlements” by a group of Trustees that Soekarno appointed.According to the un………………………………………………..

Greetings from the UN Reference Team. We regret the document requested is not a UN resolution.Best regards,


cid:_2_075B0FD0075B0A6800680E44852579F4 UN Reference Team
Dag Hammarskjöld Library

United Nations Headquarters, New York

+1 212–963–7412

I spent a few hours on the un web site, the only ref i could come up with was by putting in M1 SA  soekarnoe 1947, but that got three results, i downloaded the pdfs, that was when the Netherlands Belgium were ripping Indonesia apart ……………….

I spent a few hours on the un web site, the only ref i could come up with was by putting in M1 SA  soekarnoe 1947, but that got three results, i downloaded the pdfs, that was when the Netherlands Belgium were ripping Indonesia apart ………………. Nothing about gold what so ever, it went onto 49 i recall.So this Indonesian thing is not right either, i am sorry to say.Might i suggest an idea, on your postings, why not  put links on to certain events, so people can double check and satisfy themselves.If i could ask you one question it would be, have any of your insiders ever, ever said an alien was talking to them the other day…………………………Beaming out underground bunkers, honestly ben? Lols.Just maybe the germans got anti grav, maybe…………. but moon bases and stargates? Lols.Take care ben.S

Answer Fulford :

Thanks for pointing that out. I will check into it. However, I can confirm from my own very senior Chinese banking sources that the Feds have been using Chinese gold since the 1930’s and have lost law suits about this but still refuse to return the gold.

The evidence most of the gold in the world ended up in Asia is also overwhelming.
I will try to get them to send me another copy of the Hilton Green Memorial and I will post the text online.
Remember, the UN works for the Feds and is a corrupt institution.

However, you may be right about all this gold stuff just being a distraction. My starting point has always been the over thirty years of external trade surpluses posted by mainly Asian countries. That has given them real money based on physical transactions with paper receipts of recent vintage. That means they control the real surplus, investable money in the world. They know this and have stopped handing it over to the wall street and city crooks which is why there is a “financial crisis,” in the West.
You are right on also, about the importance of fact checking. Believe me, if I get my facts wrong, there are people out there ready to give me grief.
Finally about the aliens. This is how I look at it. Think of us as a bunch of chimpanzees in cages in an experimental chimpanzee farm. Some of the chimpanzees can see airplanes full of humans going on vacation in Hawaii from the windows of their cells and say to the other chimpanzees: “do not worry, one day an airplane will land here full of good humans who will take us away to freedom.” My view is that if we are going to get out of these cages, we better concentrate first on getting our hands on the keys. The keys in this case being control over the financial system. In any case, fact checking is highly appreciated and most welcome. link to original article



why won’t you officialy say antyhing against people who claim that you are the actor Lawrence Fuller? Simply because you have nothing in your defense? Many of us truth-seekers are confused and look forward to what you can say on that, but since you keep ignoring this issue your credibility becomes doubtful. It seems now that all that we are left with is time and events which will provide the answer.


Answer Fulford:

So many crazy things are said about me by disinformation artists that I usually do not bother to respond. The Lawrence Fuller story has been one of those. However, since you bring it up, I suggest you take a close look at the ears and noses in the pictures of him and compare them with pictures of me and you will clearly see it is a different person. Also, just for the record, I have never been “cloned.”
These disinformation agents are unable to debate you directly about facts and opinions so instead they resort to dirty tricks and lies. They will all be exposed when this is over. link to original article

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