Fran Zepeda – Sananda – Shine Your Light – 8 May 2012



Your world is changing dear ones. You are changing. Your world is transforming, heart-by-heart, soul-by-soul, due to the light penetration equaling no other at any other time in the history of duality. Mark my words, dear ones.

Let us look at what has transpired. Many souls have made the leap of faith and love into the “wild blue yonder”, as they say. That is a saying, but it has credence for what is transpiring, for many sayings have their roots in Truths. It is your choice whether you see it as wild or yonder, or even blue, for that matter; however, this merely points out that a huge opening is occurring and you are seeing things as you have never seen them before. 

Chasms are occurring in your thinking and rationalizations, and many things have new meaning for you.  Take a moment in the day; rather, take many moments in the day, if you will, to examine all the things you hold as truths. Run each through your Heart Center and see when it comes out how much credence it has. You will have many, many opportunities to examine these so-called truths that you once held so dear, in the coming days.

I don’t have to tell you that things sometimes look topsy-turvy like “Alice through the Looking Glass”. You will be tested again and again with many beliefs and concepts you once held true. The important thing is to run them through your heart. That is the true “litmus test”, if you will.

Time and time again over your lifetimes you have played with different scenarios and attitudes and roles to the point that by now you have quite a repertoire of knowledge from experiences in duality. You have gone through these experiences and gleaned the lessons and the truths from them, of what really stands up in your heart and soul as the Truth. You have tempered your creations and stretched your beliefs and thought patterns over your lifetimes, but none so fast or as deep as now in these rapidly changing times.

Be prepared for more. Stretch more. Allow yourselves to create from your hearts and dreams like you have never done before. Be what and whom you never thought possible, dear ones. The Light is supporting that now.

Be inventive; go wild with love and abandon in your generosity of spirit, dear ones. Don’t stop yourselves just because it has never been done before. Be your angelic selves. You are discovering you are no less angelic than any in the Spiritual Realm. You just need to acknowledge it and uncover it.

Most of all be true to your hearts, dear beloveds. For you are coming alive like you have never come alive before. Please take your places among all beings and Shine your Light like never before.

I am Sananda and I am at your service always.

Thank you to Sananda.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda

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