John Kettler – ETs/EDs Hold San Andreas Fault Together – No Quakes! – ETs/EDs Ruin Quakes Forecast By Jack Coles – Had 92% Prediction Accuracy Before This – 8 May 2012

ETS/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) are starting to make believers from skeptics while confounding conventional scientific investigators. California’s San Andreas Fault, which marks the tectonic boundary between the North American Plate and the northward advancing Pacific Plate has long been locked. Renowned quake predictor Jack Coles (story in three parts) had forecast two big quakes for this  past weekend, (two 6-5-7.5s, one in the San Francisco Bay Area and the other extending “from Santa Barbara to Mexico,” with magnitude one higher if at sea), corresponding with the full Moon and the Super Moon (moon at perigee). The ETs/EDs intervened to prevent this, given the devastation it would’ve caused.

Numerous Earth sensitives, who felt the astronomic buildup of forces in the crust and suffered grievously in consequence, faithfully mirrored in the “screaming”strain gauges monitored by a Cal Tech scientist who wishes to remain nameless. That scientist simply can’t understand how there was no quake at all, let alone no red quakes (magnitude 6 or greater here ) not just on the San Andreas Fault, but anywhere planetwide since May 1st. As one longtime quake researcher put it, “I’m beginning to believe in the ETs/EDs and their force fields.”

ETs/EDs Hold The Planet Together–With Very High Tech

The ETs/EDS have said they are “holding Mother Earth together in web of force fields,” and that if they were not, “the planet would convulse for two weeks with continuous magnitude 8-10 quakes.” This would effectively destroy civilization, in the view of the ETs/EDs and the writer. The internal strain levels of Gaia may be gauged by looking at the enormous levels of volcanism, yet we’re not suffocating from the ash and gas, thanks to the ETs/EDs, and the stupendous series of great quakes recently, none of which brought the Earth sensitives any relief. Note also that despite quakes with power in the billions of tons of TNT exploding (9.0 = 32 gigatons), not one major city has been leveled, few injured and only a handful of dead. And this is with forces unleashed so far this year (scads of quakes not shown) eclipsing the combined nuclear arsenals of all the nations! The ETs/EDs have seen to it that necessary Earth changes cause as little havoc as possible.

ETs/EDS & The Expanding Planet

“The strain is so great,” say the ETs/EDs, ” that it was necessary to slightly slacken the containment, to allow the planet to expand in response to soaring internal pressures and strain.” Per the ETs/EDs and information passed to several people by the scientist for one race of ETs/EDs, the middle of the Pacific Ocean floor was beginning to develop a ridge, and would have buckled had the force fields not been loosened. The ETs/EDs have indicated the “reason for the earthquakes is that planet is changing shape in response to her coming dimensional shift and because of the influx of solar energies associated with the Solar Maximum.” The ETs/EDS are NOT happy that quake sites are being attacked and quake predictors threatened. Expect retribution! link to original article


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