Lucas – New Post Of Order About Drake and Kerry Cassidy – 8 May 2012

In my last post of order I had decided to stop posting Kerry and Project Camelot.  I had my reasons to get not in the middle of a conflict that would also get me in a lawsuit just for posting information by Kerry and Project Camelot. That I am not interested in.

I have learned by the info and what I read that Drake this time wrongly accused Kerry and Project Camelot.  In this Drake has done what he shouldn’t have done.  Assume or opt prejudiced. 

Still I see this whole story as very annoying. It is like the story with David Wilcock accusing Tim Turner and his group in his interview with Drake and then not wanting to give credible and verifiable evidence.  Or even let the other part of the story been told.

That I do not like the style of Kerry that often gets into conflicts with people has nothing to do with my earlier decision.

I have re-posted all Project Camelots and Kerry Cassidy’s stuff.

Here follows the info from Kerry’s Blog from 7 May 2012 :

link to original article on Kerry”s Blog : Drake gets his facts wrong

link to original article from Kerry’s Blog: I spoke with Drake this evening

I will be posting again Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot. But if there will be more tumult in people seeking conflict or are wanting others to be part of their conflict without any reasons I will stop posting without any announcement.

Thanks to Rick who brought this to my attention. I wanna get info out in a balanced way. But I also do not want to be part of conflicts or problems from others.

Love and Light,



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