Andrea Sartori – The Galactic Free Press – Heaven Has Only One Floor – 8 May 2012

We’re not up there, we’re not down here, we’re everywhere.

For millenina icons have been made of all that came to say “You are Love, you are God, what I can do, you can do.” Thus, these same icons have been put somewhere “up there”, and have become something to look up at, and the Real Message forgotten.

There’s no such thing as “up there” or “down here”, the only thing that Is, Is Now. And Now is something you can only find inside, where All Is.

If you identify yourself with your body, you’ll look up to those icons and feel what you’ve been programmed to feel by looking at them: “to high for me”.

If you feel yourself as a Soul, boundaries fall down and space becomes your playground where you can really start to Feel… “I’m there too!” And this here is Now!

Heaven has only one Floor.

And All live there, together, on the same floor.

Those you call Masters, Gods, Archangels, Mother and Father God… all live on the same floor.

As looking up, or down, only makes your neck ake.

What for? As All are part of God=Love into Creation, and as nothing that is not Creation exists… how could you ever not be part of it?

Look at your body and say “This is not Me, it’s a vessel, it’s a dress I’m using to experience this journey I’m in. I AM the Holy Breath that gives life to this body, without Me, this body would be nothing. And the Holy Breath that is Me is also God as All is One in Creation.

God gave me this Breath and I AM this Breath, there’s nothing else to it.”

This means you’re God and God is you… WOW… isn’t that Wonderful? This means that math is actually wrong, as 1+1 does not = 2 but still ONE!!!

All living on the same Floor of Heaven…

So when you say I want it my way, think of who’s way you’re talking about, for if you’re God and God’s you there’s only One Way in Reality.

And if you think you’re separated from God (which is in fact Yourself) you become separated from your own thoughts, and the will you think you’re following cannot by any mean be your True Will as you forgot what your True Will is on the exact moment you started believing you’re not what You Are.

Complicated? Not really… once you Feel it.

And if Being One=God seems to much to accept, caml your mind and listen, listen to the Reason why it should be too much…

If you look at it from somewhere down here to somewhere up there as if you were looking to a skyscraper then yes, it does seem difficult to get up there, especially if there’s no elevator.

Thus there’s a much easyer way, and it’s by going down. Down to the Bottom of All, down to the atoms. Deep down into Creation whic is what you’re made of. Energy of Love.

God=Love=Light=Vibrations=Energy=Atoms=You… Got one, got them all! “Up” to God! And if you put all f this together, guess what you get… JOY!

So if you wonder which one might be a good step to take to get closer to what you truly Are, take all icons down from the walls and hold them in your hands, at the same level of your Heart, that’s where the only Floor of Heaven is.

And each time you truly wish to celebrate Jesus, or Buddha, or a Master, or God, the Best and only way to Really Celebrate them is by Celebrating yourSelf! By recognising that you, the very being reading these words is, by no mean different from them. If you don’t believe me, simply go and open any book containing their messages, any of them, and you’ll see it there, right in front of your eyes, written thousands of years ago, or hundreds of years ago, and actually even Now, today, said by me, here, Now. In the only moment in time that actually exists. The Now.

At that time they were not understood… their messages distorted… then humanity sayd “hei, they might as well have been right!” but only on a conceptual way, rarely by Living it. Now we’re here telling Humanity the same words, Living the same words, and again, it’s easier to believe a book without getting involved in the matter… reading thus not Being. Well, if you’re one of those that read all possible books, burn them! For if you’re still wondering who you are it means you’re not a smart reader and your way might better follow a different path… such as Becoming what you read!

Of course things will not change this way, you can have all the knowledge of the world but until you don’t live it… Einstein was not wrong by stating that “expecting different results while repeating the same thing is stupid”.

Noone here is stupid, thus many believe they are and act as if they were. That’s not a way of Celebrating God, that’s a way of saying God is stupid. You can’t run away from it!!! You can’t! You are God no matter what you tell yourself or what you believe in!

You’re stuck with this… well for eternity in fact!

Don’t make God a Human mirror, see yourSelf as a mirror of God. And then step into that mirror that is you. As you can recognise God in front of you only once you recognise God inside of You and as You.

Enjoy your Awakening into Love

We Love You, your Goddess of Balance M.L. Portia link to original article


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