Lee-Anne Peters – Expanding Into The Unknown! – 10 May 2012

There has never been an easier or more perfect time than NOW to expand into the unknown!! But what on earth does that mean?

As we let go of our old hurt and pain, and genuinely commit to our happiness and freedom – we automatically EXPAND our energy – which is a huge reason why we are here right now. Our soul is here to expand and grow!!

The unknown has been long feared, and a huge thanks to those institutions that seek to control the world, they control through this fear! They push a fear for death, a fear of change and a big fear if we break their rules! So this is a big one for us all – to courageously step into the unknown (which is like stepping into our fears).
The more we fear something, the louder and harder it becomes. When we feed the fear with more fear, the fear becomes so all-encompassing that it can cripple us in life. If you can attempt to make fear your friend and stand forward in your personal power before and as you step into the fear – you may be pleasantly surprised.
Some things that are ‘unknown’ or feared are easier to explore than others, so gently does it – however don’t get too comfy waiting back!
To really expand into the unknown and assist our soul to get the most out of this lifetime it will be essential to take some small or big risks (use your common sense when taking risks). Stepping out of our comfort zone will raise some fear alright – no doubt about it! However as we STRETCH into new territory the Universe supports us and then we realise there is something amazing and all encompassing out there – that’s an intelligent energy we are all connected to and we are all an important part of!
Are you ready to expand into the unknown and commit to something TODAY that will help you expand a little further? Are you willing to make this lifetime count and be marked down as your best life during your earthly mission? Drop your armour, let go of your insecurities and your fears and DIVE deeply into the unknown! You have the strength, courage and knowledge to do this – and don’t allow anyone or anything to tell you otherwise (except your own inner guidance)!

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