Lisa Gawlas – The Light Of Your New Life Is Ready For Application! – 9 May 2012

This has been a unique few days.  That super moon really put a super vibration and message out on the field.  That intensity seemed to really amplify its reflective energy thru the readings I had on the 7th.  I could feel every psychic muscle I have within me being stretched to the max to understand and share what I was seeing.  By the time I finished my second reading, I was done… stretched to the max and when I tried to see for my 3rd appointment all I could see was a massive bright light… no details at all.  I had to reschedule the rest of my day.  I fell asleep long before dark and woke up at 4am hacking up a lung!

The coughing was so deep and constant that it triggered my gag reflex so the coughing turned into vomiting… which of course kicked in the sinuses that kicked in the mucus glands of the eyes.  This crazy crescendo of my mucus membranes lasted at least an hour.

Of course the first thing that happened within me was my fear reflex too.  My first thought was shit, my 35 year smoking (cigarettes) habit has officially caught up with me.

There is something about a toilet… whether butt down, or face down that information just seems to flow up from it!  All I could hear and feel is the words “self-indulgence.”   I instantly thought of my son, and his self-indulgent activity that cost him 6 months with his son.  I thought of my own parents whose self-indulgent desires and actions cost me a lifetime of  (pleasant) childhood memories.

So I had to sit with the very last self-indulgent thing I currently partake in… cigarettes.  Because the one thing I know, these memories flooding up during my phlegm explosion is not there to point fingers at anyone at all… so there must be something I am sacrificing by my own self-indulgence.

By the time this episode completely subsided (about an hour) I felt a clarity within my body I have never felt before.  But there was also a hazard to it too.  With all the watering of my eyes, something lodged under my very last contact lens.  There was no way I could pull it out because I had no replacement for it.  My prescription is 2 years old so I couldn’t just get a new set, I had to have the whole exam.  The light coming from my computer screen was hurting my eye too much (left eye) that I could not write a blog (hence no blog yesterday.)

But I suppose, I needed the days readings and experiences to really understand what I was starting to string together.

I thought about the last reading I had on the 7th… her reading just exhausted me!!  So much was happening at the same time that my vision was going from her south field to her west field to the north and back again.  Everything happening and aligning at once.  I suppose the ADD part of my mind was in heaven doing her reading, the rest of me was just hanging on for dear life trying to connect all that was happening at once!

Her South field (her life in full bloom) was in a sort of split screen scenario.  Everything was focused on the right side (spiritual side) of her south field.  The Light was intense and beautiful.  She had a garden full of really strange-looking flowers.  Each flower was on a single stock, the stock thick and sturdy.  The flower heads were Light bulbs of various colors.  Not your typical light bulb, ohhh no, that would have been too easy for me to understand lol.  Instead they looked very much like this image (click here) without a socket.  Instead both sides were that like teardrop head (how the right side of those light bulbs in the picture are formed, both ends looked like that.)  Too funny, as I look to see what Sylvania named these bulbs… I so have to laugh: “Life Flame.”  Now I am really getting it!! lol

Each one of her flowers had a single “Light Bulb” on it, each radiating a single color in pastel energy (new energy.)  This was all I could see and I am not real thrilled in being more confused than enlightened thru a reading (smile)… so I went to the left side of her south field.  Completely dark (this is a good thing) and nothing at all there.  Completely void of anything.

Boy if this understanding isn’t true for ALL of us!!  Now I really get this!!  Nothing in her current life… everything that brought her to this moment in time… holds the energy of her new life!

(This is a great meditation exercise for everyone to do:)

Her team did give her an exercise to do with these flower Light Bulbs… pick one at a time and squeeze the Light Bulb onto her left side (physical life)… allowing the new energy to spread thru the ground of her life.  To really feel what that one color is to her.  When she has fully squeezed all that is in the Light Bulb into her ground and radiates the feeling from that color, to go to the next color Light Bulb and do the same thing.  Then to switch to feeling what the two colors together feel like… how has the ground changed in unified vibration.  And then with the next color, the same thing.  Feel individually first, then the blending of the colors.

These colors represent a feeling.  She and I talked about two potential feelings… desire… then lets say the next Light Bulb is passion, feeling that, then feeling passionate desire together.  No details, just feeling… pure feeling of the energy.

While all of this was happening, I could also see an image of her in her West field (Harvest) taking handfuls of some sort of energy and throwing it into her near future.  Only, there was no light on this field… so I could not see what sort of energy she was tossing out… but then again, neither can she because she (the human) is not aware (yet) of what these color Light Bulbs really mean to her.

Feel with this scenario for a long moment.  How could we possibly live our new life if we don’t ever really take the time to FEEL what that means to us.  Just because the energy is present and ripe for use, if we don’t ever pick it, apply it, and live in it… it is a potential that could have been great.  Letting go of your past (even 5 minutes ago) is really really important too.

We also talked about money, things in life… here is an amazing food for thought!!

For as long as we believe money is the energy system we must use to attain what we need and want in life, it will always be that way for us.  Remember, we create and recreate what we beLIEve.

What if… these new Light Bulbs are the only energy system you will ever need in life, that no one can take away from you or manipulate you for it?

self indulgence comes from believing the illusion.  That we are made of matter, live in matter and are governed by matter and are obligated to all kinds of aspects of matter.

SELF Indulgence knows we are energy.  Pure, intelligent, loving energy without limitations at all.  Matter does not matter at all!!  To live in full freedom and abundance of life we must apply and LIVE within the Energy of it ALL!!

I had two very interesting readings this last week as well.  There were too close together and too similar to not mean something bigger than what was shared with each of these precious ladies.

Husbands that had crossed over, working hard from the other side of the veil, to bring a reunion of spirit, of love, of each other together on earth for both of these ladies.  Both of these readings had a huge significance with the eclipse.  I have a feeling that veil that keeps us wondering if things are possible is going to thin so much that we will know it is possible because it is now alive in our lives… if we let it be.  Free will and all.

The one thing I know for sure right now, our higher self is already fertilizer our greatest potential for our life’s story to unfold.  It is still up to us, the human in this magical experience to take the leap of faith to live fully in the new, while letting go with deep appreciation of the old.  Sorry, can’t have both!!  The old is too dense and cannot hold the vibration of the new.  Unless… the old becomes new!!  Life loves to recycle!! (big smile)

After my day of readings I went into town to town to get my wonder-filled tiger paw (I love that name) tires on my car and actually got a new set of contacts too.

I was shocked at how much my vision improved in my right eye… and only in my right eye.  For close to a decade my vision was equal -3.25 in each eye.  My right eye is now only -2.25.  I had to laugh out loud when I told the eye doctor: My emotions are getting clearer, now I have to work on my physical life.”  His reply “Your emotions have nothing to do with this.”

Ohhhhhhh yes they do.  I know that and that is enough.

From head to wheel, my life is new today.  Smooth riding on the roadways with my tiger paw gift from an earth angel.  New contacts to see the field with.  A super comfy computer seat to sit upon, new furnishings to fill out the context of my new life… all from the fields of YOU.  Love made manifest!!

I started my weaning process yesterday from the last self-indulgent thing I do… smoke.  The first part of my process is becoming conscious about how unconsciously I light a cigarette… yikes!  That alone was eye-opening.  This too, is a journey for me.  I have started!

Ohhh one more magical thing yesterday… as I came home from my day out in the world and pulled into my dirt road, I saw something that just set my soul aflame!!  True Shambhala flowers actually growing from in the ground.  There were four flowers in bloom all a soft white with red emerging from the center.  I will take a picture today, I came home too late to take any quality photo with my flashless camera.

Since the day I moved into this sacred place, I had always seen these flowers coming in from the top of the road… always carried by water (emotions)… it is all more real than I had ever even dared to hope!!

May you squeeze the Light Bulbs of your (true) Life Flames into the fields of Bliss now ready to hold you!!

My love and appreciation to each and every one of you is never-ending!!  I love you!!  ((((HUGZ)))) of colorful flames to ALL!! link to original article


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  1. Good luck with stopping smoking – will hold thumbs for u