Lucas – Underwear Bommer Disinformation? Fear Mongering? – 9 May 2012

This was a so obvious story I did not post it when I saw the second underwear bomber story appear.  And boy oh boy, was I right.

The next day the news came out via the mayor channels that this alleged bomber was a double agent for the CIA.  Other news media speak of  the bomber as an  infiltrated agent within Al Queda. Even good old – Alex Jones reported the news. He talks about numerous events that so-called Al Qaeda attacks seem to be just not that and he is right. A lot of news stories brought out are just smoke screens. We are dis-informed with plausible stories but in fact there has happened something else.  Arrests are made and people found dead but real evidence on the stories we will not get. All in the name of national security and safety of anonymous crown witnesses or anonymous agents that disappear from the radar.  Leaked pictures and information keep appearing from agencies and other sources. Not all of that is trustworthy. A lot is like the story of the  internet trolls who disrupt information and unwanted writings and people for their dark causes. These trolls infiltrate in Facebook, blogs, fora and try to misinform people and set them up to hate, spread negativity and even worse things they wanna plant in those minds of people. 

Remember the disinformation:  “the weapons of mass destruction story” that was used deliberate to get into war with Irak. Or did you forget that one.  See the information in the news now brought to you by mainstream media not as your ‘main source’. Use your discernment on all news and get your information also from elsewhere. Open your mind and maybe you will see there is more to the alternative news stories than you first had thought for possible.

For me this whole underwear bomber story  is only fear mongering and disinformation! Why do this whole operation if you know it is a double agents just testing the safety of the security of the country? Ask yourselves that question? Oh I see the answers already flooding in. It had to be that way, it is a  readiness alert training!  Sorry, I do not buy into that anymore.

Maybe those attending the G8 meeting, the NATO meeting and the Bilderberg Conference that will be held this month will talk about their lost causes. The frustrations of the warmonger parties and the financial dark cabal is up a level. They are losing ground day by day.  So even the disinformation and fear mongering in the news is not working anymore. Will they pull other rabbits out of their hats.  Surprise! What will it be this time? Might it be they are worried scared to death  in being arrested as the warrants are out there and the constant stream of lies and deceit is uncovered?

The inevitable will happen. The new free world of peace and abundance will be a fact this year.  For sure there is no destruction of humanity or the world. The new beauty of the golden age will unfold and you all will be  experiencing this.

Love and Light,


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