Deep Space – Commentary On Insider Drake, Mass Arrests, Project Blue Beam, And The Federal Reserve Banking Scam [video] – 10 May 2012

( Lucas: I have posted this to let you see how the reasoning of some people is to discredit or not see what is out there and even proven with real evidence. So what is disinformation. I think this commentary is a good example. Talking about psy-ops and false flag ET etc. You should know by now that there is proof enough released and disclosed about ET that a statement like come on people they are man-made is in itself ridiculous. But See for yourself.  And remember see, hear and read all with discernment even this note of mine. Not all might be your truth or  the whole truth or even a distorted truth. In my opinion this guy us terribly misinformed. )

In this video, “Deep Space” provides an excellent commentary on the impending arrests of the global elite that has alleged by Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, Insider Drake and others.  He also talks about the Federal Reserve and Project Blue Beam.

Below are some supplementary links:

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