Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Prime Of Life – 10 May 2012

God said:

What wonderful words will I speak today? From where within your heart shall I approach? Ah, yes, it is you who must come to Me because I am already here. Drag yourself over to Me. Or leap over to Me. I am here. I am never away. I am right here, eager to have you notice Me. See Me now. Feel Me now. I am right here with you.

Your senses don’t tell you everything. Your senses leave a lot out. They are not utterly reliable. I AM.

You may say, “How can You call Yourself reliable, God? You have set up the loss of human life. Do You have any idea how that tears at our hearts? Do you know what it is to lose a loved one?”

I have to say I do not, for I have never lost anyone. A soul does not disappear. The body disappears, but what is the body, after all? It is nothing without your loved one in it. The body cannot come to Heaven. There is no need. The body is a vehicle for Earth. Ah, but the soul. That is a different story. The human soul is always visiting Heaven. When the body has left, the soul rises and reclines in Heaven. The soul is at Home. What more do you want for your loved ones? Are you thinking of your loved one, or are you thinking of you?

Do not be sad. Loss of your loved ones is a renewal. It is a return. It is a happy reunion. Include yourself in this reunion. Let your soul visit your loved one in Heaven. Your soul does. You may not listen, so deep is your grief. Are you listening? Does your grief matter more than the joy of your loved one who left his body like a flower, that returns from where it came? And the soul, the True Being of your loved one, returns to the Heart of Heaven from which it came. Earth to Earth. Heaven to Heaven.

There was a meeting of bodies and souls on Earth. And now the soul of a loved one has gone all the way Home. This was the right time. This was the right way. I say right with a different meaning from you. It was right that the body be dropped off, and the soul come to Heaven. However the body death happens the death fulfills the purpose. The ways and means are not the essence. The soul is. And the soul of a loved one, the same as I, doesn’t leave you for one minute.

There is no absence except absence of the body and the falling away of your senses’ attachment to the once body. You really do know this. Fifty years can pass, and still you long for the presence of the body. There is no mistaking its importance to you. Now have awareness of the soul that takes up its post with you, happily with you.

You have to move from mourning. This is the least you can do for your loved ones. Do this for your loved ones. Detach from the body. It couldn’t last. Love lasts. You say you love, then love. Mourning is not love. Mourning is sense of absence. Mourning says that a terrible thing happened. Contrary to public opinion, a good thing happened.

The prime of life is now. Your loved ones would tell you about the great treasures that are theirs and yours. All the assembly of Heaven would tell of the good fortune it is to be here in Heaven with Me, and still with you safe in your loved ones’ hearts. There is room in your heart for all your loved ones. Your loved ones are not away. You turned your head away, that’s all. They went out of your sight. Surrender your loved ones to Me. Give them that happiness. Let them not feel your hold on them. Give them their freedom to fly high. Be glad for your loved ones. Be glad. link to original article

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