Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 10 May 2012

I am up here where I can better visualize your future paths and just where each choice that you make will lead you. We of the higher realms enjoy this advantage and attempt at all times to utilize our advantageous point of view to better assist you along the footpath of your journey. We do not overstep our bounds and direct you on courses that you do not make clear you wish to travel. We only respond to your requests for this type of assistance, and it is then and only then do we respond to your call and help steer you so as to allow you to maintain the heading that you wish to travel. 

There have been many times when you have veered from the course that you have chosen, and we have responded by blowing wind into your sails to help guide you back to the route that you had intended to travel upon. Let us at this time help steer you to the harbors you have advised us you wish to dock your ships, by feeling for our breeze and adjusting your sails. This at times is not an easy or a simple task, but an art all in itself and a skill that must be learned, honed and maintained throughout your long journey at sea.

We know the compass points each of you wishes to head and we are gently filling your sails to maintain you on this heading as you near the completion of your long journey. Many of you at this time already see in your telescopes land up ahead. This is your harbor. This is where it is you set out to find so many long years ago. For some of you, the winds that fill your sails will begin to noticeably strengthen, and you will begin to ride not only the wind, but the waves and the tide into port.

Many of your faithful crew travel with you, even though at times it may appear you are riding the waves all alone. This is not the case, and this has never been the case. You are all part of a crew. You have a Captain, you have experienced deck hands, you have charts, you have navigational tools and you share a ship, mighty in its breadth, tall in its sails and seaworthy in its capabilities to carry your crew safely through many miles, many years and many new lands.

Your ship and your crew have embarked on many adventurous journeys. You have seen battles, you have discovered treasures, and you have at times been set ablaze or have been caught in the mighty winds of a hurricane, but you never abandoned ship and you never declared a mutiny. Instead, you fought on and you persevered to find that wind that would lift your bow and push you forward one more mile.

Your long journey will be over soon for many of you, and we say to you at this time to climb to the highest point of your ship and just for a few moments turn and look back. Take in the wake of your ship and think about all the ports that you have pulled into, all the people that you have met, all the adventures that you took part in and all the treasures that you have gained and have lost along the way, and think about who you are and who you would have been if you had never hoisted your sails after the christening of your ship.

Do you think that today you would be the same being than if you had never set sail on your present journey? How much of yourself today is made up of all those experiences now left behind you in your ship’s wake? How much of yourself would be lost like a sunken treasure chest if all the days and the miles of your current journey could somehow be erased as if they never happened? We say to you to treasure each and every moment of your journey, the good times, the bad times and everything in between, as all of this save for none is who you are, standing on that ship and riding those waves into port today.

There will be opportunities for you up ahead where you can repair the damage that your ship has incurred while the seas batted up against your hull and the winds tore through your sails throughout your long journey. Your ship will receive a complete overhaul, from the tiniest nail to the tall masts that hold your great sails, before you draw up your charts and set sail once again on a new voyage of discovery and adventure. This is one of your gifts for you from your Creator, who oversees the ships of his fleet from his vantage point, and never allows them to navigate the seas without his protection and without his love. The Creator is the Admiral of all the fleets in his Armada, and you are each the Captains of your ships sailing on the high seas of your universe.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles link to original article

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