Lisa Gawlas – It’s Time To Leap From The Cliff Of I Can’t To The Ocean Of I Will – 10 May 2012

I have noticed a theme from the humans I have read for over the last couple days… most are realizing their passion… what they want to do to fill their life, their work as they move into this next new expression.  That alone is something to celebrate.  But each one uttered a similar set of feelings:  I am not sure if I am good enough, ready enough, organized enough.  Ohhh that pesky seed of doubt!

Many years ago I wrote a post that I want to share here again, it is so relevant today as it was when I first wrote it.  It is called:

Standing on the Cliff of I Can’t

I know this cliff very well. I have spent almost 40 years there. Many of the excuses that lie within the vast caverns of this cliff, I probably created.

This cliff was formed on the self-imposed limitations of human creation. It stands tall and erect and takes your personal power to feed itself every time the words “I can’t” are uttered.

On the other side of this cliff is an ocean called “I will”. As you stand on the cliffs of “I can’t’” you can almost hear the rustling of the ocean waves that carry the energy of your “will”.

It is easy to stand on the Cliffs, there is a ground under your feet, many gather in your presence there, and you find comfort in all the excuses laid at your feet like a soft rug.

We could feed the excuses of the cliff for an eternity. We can stand steadfast and believe the vast excuses of the overflowing echos of I can’t. It is familiar and we are within our own safe space there, with tons of company and we feed each other quite healthily here.

The sounds of the ocean and the laughter from the few souls who gather to swim in the depths of “I will” start to echo in the space around this mountainous cliff. You start to think to yourself; they sound so happy, but there is so much risk in that ocean. I would have to trust, but this mountain is my home. I feel safe within “I can’t”.

The “will” of the ocean is starting to call you home, to your real home. Where life is a sea of possibilities. Where all that you desire, from the truest and purest depths of your heart, are waiting to manifest within each wave that breaks ashore.

There are no excuses in this vast sea. Only trust that your highest good is always being cared for, and that what your heart truly desires will come with ease as it swims the currents of “I will”.

For those of you who stand steadfast on the cliff of “I can’t”, are you ready to take that leap of faith and swim of the sea of “I will”, and know that your deepest desire will manifest without effort?

Can you hear the sound from the waves saying, “I have provided for all your needs in life. I have endlessly stood by you in your every moment. ‘I will’ be there now, trust my sea of Will!!”

What would you be willing to sacrifice? Can you leap from the cliff to the ocean and allow yourSelf to be swept away by the will of the Creator within you?

Would you dedicate 30 minutes every day to meditate and really get to know yourself? Would you be willing to help a stranger when you yourself needs help? Would you be willing to be the very change you seek in this world? Are you willing to let go of fear, which only serves to eat away at your quality of life?

Everyone can do this, what is your willingness to do so for yourSelf?

Sitting within the heart energy of You are things no one else knows how to do, not exactly in your way.

Sitting within your heart energy is a wisdom that needs to be set free in this world.  Understandings of what is already being done and how to do it better, more efficiently and within the new energy that is alive on earth today.

None of this will ever find flight, except thru You!

Even if you don’t feel you know exactly what you are doing, I find that place more perfect than someone who says they know exactly what they are doing.  True growth and ultimate freedom starts at the edge of the unknown.

I have been doing what I am doing for over 10 years now and I still have no idea what I Am doing, but I do it anyway.  I learn more, I become more by always remaining in the unknown of the expansion of what I do.

Together we will be the breath of the new air, the eyes of the new vision, the heartbeats of the new song of creation!  Swimming and laughing together in the vastness of I Will!!

Surf’s up!!


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