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Paul O’Brien And Ann Cahill – Germans Put Off Ratifying EU Fiscal Treaty – 11 May 2012

Germans put off ratifying EU fiscal treaty

The Government insists it will proceed with the fiscal treaty referendum even though Germany is delaying its ratification as the fallout from the French and Greek elections continues.

A spokesman for Taoiseach Enda Kenny said the referendum would proceed as planned, saying: “We’re looking forward to a positive outcome on May 31.” Continue reading


John Ward – EU Crisis Needs The ‘Champions’ Solution : Venizelos V Schäuble – 11 May 2012

You always know where you are with Evangelo Venizelos: on the gravy train. The possibility of Greece forming a unity government appears to have grown following talks between PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos and Democratic Left chief Fotis Kouvelis on Thursday. The two leaders met after Venizelos took over the mandate to explore the possibility of cooperation between the parties elected on Sunday. Both suggested that they were happy with the direction of their talks. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – May 20, 2012 – The Beginning Of The End! – 11 May 2012

I am starting to notice a repetitive pattern in the field of light, in my readings.  It seems that when we (humanity) are on the verge of another avalanche of higher frequency Light energy, the field moves from details for the life we are living to esoteric and elusive details.  Massive choice points!!  A-freakin-gain!! Continue reading

AVAAZ.ORG – Michael Tellinger – Support The Constitutional Court Action Against The BANKS In South-Africa – 11 May 2012

Why this is important


Michael Tellinger made global history on the 24th April 2012, in Johannesburg when he filed his 1100-page NOTICE OF MOTION against Standard Bank in the Constitutional Court of South Africa, accusing the bank of unlawful and unconstitutional activity. Tellinger also served the legal papers on the RESERVE BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA and the MINISTER OF FINANCE, alleging that they are jointly and consciously implicated in the unscrupulous activity that has led to unimaginable financial hardship of the South African people. But this is not just a South African issue, the unlawful actions of the banks have affected every human being on this planet, especially for the past 100 years. Continue reading

108Morris108 – Ben Fulford Interview – Fukushima, JP Morgan And The Criminal Cabal – All At An End – 11 May 2012

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Ben is full of Info – I goofed up recording the video of him – but he is well worth a listen too!

He says Fukushima (and probably Haiti) was caused by Nukes under the sea bed.

Laura Bruno – Time To Get Your Shift Together – 11 May 2012

Today I’m offering a little collective energetic “heads up” and some additional tools to help the collective shift into one the majority of people will enjoy instead of what I read as the current (at this very moment) collective timeline. Yes, we had the 5-5-5 World Liberation Day Meditation, but guess what? So did the Powers that (Would Still) Be. Diabolical though their plans for humanity are, these people, unfortunately, know how to keep their focus and work energy. Many people participated in the 5-5-5 meditation and then checked “liberation” off their list, as though one meditation somehow makes up for millenia of slavery and outsourcing of personal sovereignty and responsibility. Please don’t get me wrong: meditation and visualization can be powerful tools when used consistently as part of an ongoing, ever-unfolding process. They are not, however, a quick fix for a dominant vibration of fear and/or victimization. Continue reading

Putin Skips G8 Summit, Talks With Obama In US – 11 May 2012

Russia’s newly-inaugurated President Vladimir Putin has pulled out of the Group of Eight summit in Maryland, US, and ice-breaker talks with US President Barack Obama next week, the Kremlin says.

Raising new questions about Moscow-Washington ties, Putin, who took the oath as the new Russian leader on Monday, informed Obama of his decision during a telephone call on Wednesday. Continue reading

Wingmakers – Toward Divine Wisdom And Understanding – Shifting Paradigms -11 May 2012

(A two page summary of the 10 page essay)

Shifting Paradigms

The wisdom and understanding of our own divine essence is like a beacon that invites us inward toward ever deeper connection with all around us. Yet rather than look within, most in this world prefer to look outward for divine wisdom, thus sustaining a dependence upon a vast hierarchy that stretches between the individual and the Divine. In all our wanderings away from the Divine, humankind has obscured its most compelling features through a persistent belief in limitations arising out of the controlling mechanisms of this hierarchy. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Beauty Is Everywhere – 11 May 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

I am facing yet another day of rain and the earth is so soggy you can’t do a whole lot outside without creating mud. Having just moved with visions of all the things I want to create and plant, I have had to rein in my energy and accept a momentary stall of plans until things dry out. I was looking through pictures this morning and was reminded of how one can find beauty and positive feelings if one just takes the time to look around them and expand their minds to see things from whole new perspectives. My situation is a classic example. I can see the rain as an obstacle in my progress or I can accept it for what it is and try to find the positives in it. Just like the picture reveals, there is a beauty one would not ordinarily see unless one has their eyes and mind open to life. Much truth to the saying ” beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Continue reading

Dee – Mayan Calendar Strangeness – 11 May 2012

Dee nailed it, National Geographic is a major disinformation outlet for the Illiminati, all recognizable print media publications are controlled by the corporate elite. 96% of all media is monopolized, as soon as any publication becomes popular it silently gets purchased so the PTW can stay in control of the message.  The same thing is happening on the internet with alternative media, which is why it’s becoming more and more important to learn to go within to source the truth.

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