John Ward – EU Crisis Needs The ‘Champions’ Solution : Venizelos V Schäuble – 11 May 2012

You always know where you are with Evangelo Venizelos: on the gravy train. The possibility of Greece forming a unity government appears to have grown following talks between PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos and Democratic Left chief Fotis Kouvelis on Thursday. The two leaders met after Venizelos took over the mandate to explore the possibility of cooperation between the parties elected on Sunday. Both suggested that they were happy with the direction of their talks.

This was the same Venizelos who, on Tuesday, briefed journalists to say categorically that, if offered the mandate, he would refuse it.

Meanwhile, the equally ethereal Wolfgang Schäuble said last night, “The risks of contagion for other countries of the eurozone have been reduced and the euro zone as a whole has become more resistant. We have to tell our Greek friends and partners honestly, fairly and openly that there is no way other than the one we jointly agreed,” he told the German newspaper Rheinische Post.

The risks of contagion were shown to be minimal with 12 hours, when Credit Agricole wrote off €1bn in Greek exposure alone. By lunchtime, German Bund futures had spiked to near record levels, and the Euro itself fell to a six-month low.

So Schäuble is seen, like Venizelos, to be a sort of nice, cruel, threatening, devious, lying bastard sort of a bloke.

In mediaeval times, wars between Raubritters (Robber Barons) were often decided by each side’s champion fighting to the death. This seems to me a solution to the problem from which Europeans could only benefit enormously.

As Harry Hill would say, “There’s only one way to settle this….”


To make the fight fair, Evangelo stoops to Wolfie’s level



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