Laura Bruno – Time To Get Your Shift Together – 11 May 2012

Today I’m offering a little collective energetic “heads up” and some additional tools to help the collective shift into one the majority of people will enjoy instead of what I read as the current (at this very moment) collective timeline. Yes, we had the 5-5-5 World Liberation Day Meditation, but guess what? So did the Powers that (Would Still) Be. Diabolical though their plans for humanity are, these people, unfortunately, know how to keep their focus and work energy. Many people participated in the 5-5-5 meditation and then checked “liberation” off their list, as though one meditation somehow makes up for millenia of slavery and outsourcing of personal sovereignty and responsibility. Please don’t get me wrong: meditation and visualization can be powerful tools when used consistently as part of an ongoing, ever-unfolding process. They are not, however, a quick fix for a dominant vibration of fear and/or victimization.

If humanity would participate in World Liberation Day meditations and visualizations every day, get excited about personal freedom moment by moment, find ways to incorporate tangible aspects of that shift into their everyday lives, the collective would shift much faster and much easier. My read of the current (this moment) collective timeline is that something shifted on 5-5-5, and not in the way most people hoped. At this moment, on this timeline, the Federal Reserve Liens and Mass Arrest Scenario feels like it will flop or be used against We the People. Somewhere along the way, it feels as though that positive momentum got highjacked, and as things stand, a positive outcome seems unlikely. On this timeline.

I’ve heard a lot of rumblings lately that “if these arrests don’t happen in May or June, I’m done with channeled material and alternative news.” In some cases, that would be a step in the right direction! If you’re among the many who consider your enlightenment and personal evolution already complete just because you can see through corporate media’s lies, then you may have reached the next stage of your journey. Alternative news and channeled material can be just as full, if not more so, of disinformation, fluff bunny fantasy, over-negativity and generally discouraging confusion. Learning to sift through that material quickly makes for faster, easier, more accurate trajectories. Even better yet, practice tuning in to your inner truth, preferences and vision. That way, you won’t feel so rattled by the onslaught of conflicting stories and information.

In some cases, conflicting stories arrive because of competing and intersecting timelines, not because of flat out disinformation. When channels or psychics give predictions of event timings, (good ones) read the current vibration in order to assess likely outcome unless vibrational shifts occur. In early April, humanity had an uptick happening, and lots of fresh freedom energy burst onto the scene. Humanity could have taken that energy and run with it, and on some timelines those mass arrests would have already occurred. The collective has not chosen those timelines (yet). Instead of stepping into their own power, most people fell into an old pattern of outsourcing their responsibility and evolution to someone else. (Bad government? No problem, we’ll just let the good guys take care of it.) Hope is a powerful thing, but the LOVEolution stems primarily from a shift in consciousness. Without that, none of the external revolutions manifest in positive ways. We might see some of the same events, but the vibration of those events will match the collective vibration. Mass arrests can trigger liberation, total tyranny, or many gradations in between.

A growing number of people have expressed frustration with the idea that We the People couldn’t know all the secret mumbo jumbo savior action supposedly going on behind the scenes. Some of those frustrated people have stepped up their own evolution, personal power, and discernment. They have used their frustration to increase their wanting and raise their vibration to such a degree that their individual timelines look incredibly good right now. Kudos to all of you! If even more people did that and sustained their focus and energy, the collective timeline would tip onto a more positive timeline again.

Part of human evolution in 2012 includes radical changes in how the collective experiences time. A key construct of Matrix 3Dality, linear time only exists in the collective imagination. How many of you find yourselves forgetting which day it is, seeing 11:11 or other number sequences on clocks, having more prophetic dreams and synchronicities, and feeling like you can taste your future or past right now? All these experiences indicate shifts in your perceptions of time. When you begin to realize how collapsible time is, and how interconnected and present all possibilities are, you can start to have fun with timelines. You can also leave much of your frustration behind, because you, not external 3Dality, strongly influence your own trajectory.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” people say, “That’s beyond my ken. I don’t get it. You’re more advanced than me. That’s an interesting theory, but I still have to get up and go to work on Monday. If I choose my timeline, then how come I’m still in debt/haven’t found my soulmate/still have this clunker car?” Would it make you feel better if I told you that in at least one other timeline, you have zero debt, live with a wonderfully loving partner, and drive a space ship? Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” You might not consciously feel yourself rendevous-ing with that reality, but it exists. Working with timelines frees you to meet up with parallel and preferred versions of yourself and your reality.

I don’t know how to explain this in linear terms that linear minds will “get,” but I do know that this particular shift in consciousness can shift the collective in majorly positive ways. I feel silly quoting En Vogue so often, but they’re right, “Free your mind, and the rest will follow.” As with the World Liberation Day Meditations, consistency and practice matter more than a one time dealio. They matter more. As in, they will help you to shape your material world in more empowered ways. When you start realizing that infinite timelines and infinite possibilities exist at once, you will begin to understand why consistency and practice matter. The only way we maintain the illusion of linear reality is because dominant vibration determines what comes next. Most people experience default linear 3Dality because that’s what you get without consciously tending your vibration and consciously choosing your next step.

Or next hop, skip and jump. As I’ve mentioned before, chaos offers way more options than linear realities. So much of the seeming disinfo pouring out over the internet arrives due to collapsing and entangling timelines. Some seemingly fixed (i.e. more dominant) points intersect, like the NATO conference and the Eclipse on May 20th, or the fact that special forces Russian soldiers will enter the United States in later May. What happens with those events, though? Do those Russian soldiers prepare the way for the supposedly 30,000-100,000 planning to enter the US by 2013? Do they dress in US uniforms and enact Martial Law that our own military would refuse to do? Or do they help the US take down the corrupt corporate US puppet state? Does the NATO summit turn into a Disclosure event, a paddy wagon fest to haul off “the bad guys,” or a False Flag with military evacuation of Chicago?

You can think of the intersections as a loose framework upon which to cast your vibration. If I were the collective, I would keep my vibration high and loose, so that I could alter course as needed, moment by moment. I would surf among different possibilities, finding the ones that feel best to me and most in alignment with freedom, joy, love, growth and positivity. I’m already doing this and being this, so my own personal timeline feels fabulous. The more individuals we have doing this and being this, the more easily the collective reality shifts, too. Call it The Hundredth Monkey Effect, “The Tipping Point,” Bruce Lipton’s “Biological Imperative,” or Collective Law of Attraction. The name matters less than the practice. Or the concept. The word concept also implies a construct — a building. Matter, practice, building, timeline jumps … welcome to the LOVEolution.

So what can you do, right now, on this particular collective timeline, whatever it happens to be when you’re reading this article? As always, that depends on how many attachment anchors you’ve managed to release, but in general, I suggest some playful research.

1. Invite more synchronicity into your life. Open yourself to signs and winks from the Universe without forcing any single interpretation on those events. Instead, watch how time plays with you as you play with time. Watch how your thoughts explode into your “reality.” Then play with different thoughts and attitudes and notice what you see. You can think of it like splattering paint onto a canvas. How do those abstract blobs of paint create an image? Do you see more than one image in the same painting?

2. Get Creative. Literally playing with paint will also open your mind to possibilities. Why do you think the artists are such visionaries? They know in very deep ways how to play with illusion, shift perceptions and redirect realities. They embrace their inner Creator and hone a process that carries over into life. You can, too. The medium doesn’t matter. The creation process does. You can build with paint, clay, seeds, metal or words. “In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God … and the Word became Flesh.” These aren’t just Bible verses from Sunday School, or some kind of Christian doctrine: they contain Creation keys. Creative play brings us into Divine harmony, and the more we create, the more we recognize ourselves as Reality Creators.

3. Expose yourself to mind-expanding books and movies. Fiction bypasses normal reality filters, allowing greater appreciation for non-linear or improbable possibilities. Two great movies to watch or re-view: “Next” with Nicholas Cage and “Sliding Doors” with Gwyneth Paltrow. “Next” feels pretty intense, whereas “Sliding Doors” offers more of a chick flick experience. Other mind-bender movies include “Time Bandits” and the eye-rolling, but oddly triumphant “Hot Tub Time Machine.”

The novel “A Wrinkle in Time” will also have you rethinking 3Dality and exploring tesseracts. (Thanks to Diana for that timely reminder!) I even wrote my own novel as an easier, coded way of sharing multi-dimensional concepts. In trying to figure out how to explain so many of the shifts for human evolution, I found I could write tons of outlandish non-fiction books, or incorporate most of those ideas in a layered plot that worked on several levels.

4. Make Believe. If you still can’t wrap your mind around the concepts of parallel lifetimes and alternative timelines, you can still benefit by pretending that you can. Imagine, just for a moment, adding moment upon moment, that you really can create your reality. Just play with it, and see what happens. When you “make believe,” you can eventually make yourself believe whatever you’d most love to believe.

5. Stop whining. You’ve got some tough opponents because you’re training to be champions! Think of “Team Dark” or whatever you call them, as sparring partners who help you develop new skills and hone the ones you already have. The tougher the practice, the greater your improvement. If you get tired of just practicing, then you can decide you’ve had enough training and go strut your stuff. Show us all what you’ve learned! The Universe eagerly awaits your most glorious, expansive Self. Even Team Dark — in the biggest sense of reality — plays with this intensity to help you improve your Game. Complaining only reinforces the “can’t” attitude and makes it so. If you’ve ever played a sport and felt frustrated by an opponents’ dirty tricks, did you break down and cry, giving up? Or did you use that emotion and channel it into the best performance of your life? Whatever your answer then, this is now. We’re champions in training. Let’s act like it. link to original article


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