Lisa Gawlas – May 20, 2012 – The Beginning Of The End! – 11 May 2012

I am starting to notice a repetitive pattern in the field of light, in my readings.  It seems that when we (humanity) are on the verge of another avalanche of higher frequency Light energy, the field moves from details for the life we are living to esoteric and elusive details.  Massive choice points!!  A-freakin-gain!!

There really are only two choices at any given time.  Love and service to the All.  Fear and separation and service to the self.  Everything else that is happening to us, presented to us, is a choice of one or the other energetic.

We also should realize that everything happening on earth is a process.  Everything!  Including that end date of time of 12/21/12.

This eclipse coming up on May 20th is truly the beginning of the end.  A full 7 month process of integration and more and more choice points.  Book ends if you will.

I was able to see so clearly what this eclipse is doing… energetically speaking, yesterday.  Like a razor across the sky.  It cuts a whole so wide and deep in the “veil.”   I suppose very much like surgery, when the surgeon takes the scalpel and cuts thru skin and muscle… that is how I see this eclipse.  Instead of seeing blood and guts, I see massive mounds of deep blue and violet energy, in direct contrast to the cloud like white energy it cuts thru.  However, there is no sewing it back together.  Instead, as the months roll into December, all that blue and violet energy pours out onto/into the world as its next landscape of expression.

This solar eclipse is a Life changing event that finds completion on December 21st,2012.  Maybe we can look at this time like the final pregnancy of life, only we are no longer gestating from the safety and security of the mother’s womb.  We are bare, fully exposed and this new energy forms our new skin, our new life, our new….everything!!

Unless of course, you are still clinging to the old, then it will continue the cutting… severing what no longer serves the higher good of yourself and ALL of humanity.

The full on alignment itself is very telling.  You have the center of the milky way, the Pleiades directly in the center followed by the sun, the moon, then earth.  Talk about a direct target of full consciousness energy, given to us by the Pleiadians, enhanced in Light magnitude by the sun, planting all this new light by the new moon, released to all of humanity as the 4 aspects become a scalpel that cuts thru the veil once and for all!!

I have got to pay attention to where that scalpel runs.  It cuts thru so much desert land.  Areas long associated with high levels of ET activity too.

Even as I write this, understand this Life changing event even more, I can see and feel major weather events already gathering.  The purpose of these massive storms is to cleanse and fully release these higher energies thru out the landmass of the America’s (first) and dispenses it thru the world over the remaining 7 months.

I sure hope you have a raincoat (smile.)  Light rain, Light floods, Light tornado’s!  Phew!!

Even the pre-cursor to this event is a process we are ALL in even now!  Muck exploding to the surface, panic, anxiety, severe heart palpitations, more and more episodes of Bliss and love and deeper connectedness in oneness.

Every ounce of our energy system is being prepared for the next 7 months of…

Today, as I take a look at what the sun has been doing recently I realized something I had seen but didn’t understand at all thru a few of the readings lately.

Two things from the readings are so prevalent, so important to us. First and foremost… a very prominent “black hole” that has been in the center of the field beneath the magnetic dome of energy for the last month or so (time blurs more and more these days.)

I started to understand this black hole is very much a relationship to the Shambhala energies (All the true, pure attributes of heaven lived out on earth.)    I have seen now, two people, both males, their energy fields/readings show up as a black hole themselves.

From what I understand about black holes, they emerge after a star goes super-nova and become a portal to the other side of the known universe.  They also suck into their vastness anything and everything that comes near them…. or at least, that is the scientific theory… not that I am remotely trying to be scientific, but I do have to have a relationship of understanding of what it means to us to have this show up in readings.

Life is always recycling itself.  Taking old energy and transmuting it into new energy.

I had also seen a lady in one of the readings this past week where her energy field was actually being pulled from within the dome of energy back out to where she was and then funneled back into the dome thru a constant vortex at the top center of this dome of energy (and to be clear, this dome of energy is our personal magnetosphere for those who have done the work to clear and align with this potent energy system on earth.)

Every other reading these last few days showed putting new energy into this area… not pulling from what was already there within the field, but I realize she is doing something so important…

Today when I looked at the sun activity on they were talking about an M5 class flare that erupted yesterday (May 10th) with this very telling description:

“There seemed to be no CME due to the fact that the plasma was captured and dragged back down to the sun.”

I get this on so many levels now!!  I pray to God I am sharing it all with coherency to those reading.

I did a reading yesterday that really really gives me the added clarity, I didn’t so much get it yesterday, but now… crystal clear!!

I read for a husband and wife team for the first time ever (doing a dual reading.)

They eventually were set up on the very edge of this black hole within the dome of energy.  He being a black hole himself, her… OMG a full bloom rose energy (the highest vibration of love) completely outlined in golden threads of energy (gold being the highest vibration of spiritual energy.)

They indeed are divine counterparts to each other…. and what a pair indeed!!  The profoundness of this partnership….  humbling!!

In all that they do together, he takes, by virtue of Being the negative energies of all that crosses his sphere of energy, she transmutes it all into the highest vibration of love, he sends it outwards into new energy, new created fields of life.

Granted they both work day and night helping all of humanity already Literally, in their fields of chosen work)… but there is soooooo much more happening.  Once again I had seen that lovely and large arm/hand of God presenting them both with a globe of blue and violet energy.  This was a presentation to them around the summer solstice.  Their service to humanity will be kicked up even more… and what is interesting is they felt like they had to jump into the earth.  I had to smile when they said they live on Mount Shasta, the amplification of “inner earth” activity!!

From the core of the earth, the new earth is made manifest.

Right now, in this moment in time, we are being asked to recycle our energy.  To funnel it back into our field of energy so it becomes stronger, more magnetic, more intense.  Breathe in, breathe out.

For those of us in the line of the solar scalpel… you are about to be called to action in newer, more intense ways!

Every black hole will be fully activated, all the new vortexes and portals (both on earth and thru developed humans) fully activated!!  Yay????

There is so much more coming in… right now it is all bunched up within me!!  I am soooooo freaking excited tho!!

I love y’all so much!!  The dream is becoming Reality!!

Happy Dancing and ((((HUGGING))))) Everyone All at once!!

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  1. Hi Lisa, I love as well and really enjoy your posts. My heart to yours my soul to yours. Sherry P.S. I live in central Alberta Canada, would I be close to the solar scalpal?