John Kettler – ETs/EDs Take Dolphin Sub & Nuke (Updated) – 12 May 2012

ETs/EDsETs/EDs, Controversy & What Really Happened

ETs/EDs DID”Disappear” A Dolphin, NOT A Type XXI U-Boat! Image Credit:Wikimedia CommonsETs/EDs (extraterrestials/ extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces, whether they did it or not, are increasingly being credited for unusual events which occur. Finding ETs/EDs being alluded to is amazing, but it’s now to the point where someone’s referring to the ETs/EDs as “Kettler’s pals.”  More surprising is how readily ETs/EDs have been accepted on the fairly mainstream site Veterans Today, as seen here, where an entire post from JKI became a comment and here, in which things said before became garbled.  The article and first post caused, in the words of a sensitive contact, “the phone to melt” when a senior allied official was queried. ETs/EDs added to the reaction.

Since then, matters have gone from bad to worse, with the story becoming ever more convoluted and some of the players now supposedly identified: NSA (National Security Agency), ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) surveilling the hydrogen bomb laden sub, these per the second Gordon Duff article. And don’t forget the ETs/EDs, who, in his view, seemingly hover in the background, then are dropped in to explain something odd, such as the recent disappearance and now, apparent crash, of the Sukhoi SuperJet-100. The ETs/EDs, though, are wrongly “credited” with certain actions, inaccurately reported re the ETs/EDs’ planned disposition of Russia’s “topside” augmented fighter, the SuMi-41 (for Sukhoi/MiG), and it’s downhill thereafter. Add Mr. Duff’s remarkable report of a modified Type XXI U-Boat, confirmation of this writer’s hunch regarding the significance of the standdown of the U.K.’s entire E-3C force for “maintenance” and the unexpected Kursk  submarine weapon connection, and we’re off!

ETs/EDs & Their Acts–Sorting The Rat Manure From The Coffee

For the record, via two different groups of ETs/ED this writer “talks” to: They had NOTHING to do with the disappearance and subsequent fate of the Sukhoi SuperJet-100. NO ETs/EDs involved!  It was clearly stated that the ETs/EDs have “no interest” in nonmilitary Russian aircraft.  Typically, when Russia’s “topside” ally chastises her for treaty violations, legion of late, military and above black hardware is taken. As it happens, the SuMi-41 embodies both: being an incredibly advanced fighter armed with “topside” supplied energy cannon. As was stated before, Russia WILL lose the entire SuMi-41 force. Should any more be built, they also will disappear.  From this, it ineluctably follows that there will NEVER be an export version of the SuMi-41. Now to the tale of two subs. The ETs/EDs say they have a “German for now” Dolphin sub, a German skipper with a French crew, and a Russian 500 kiloton (KT) hydrogen bomb. Gordon Duff says it’s a Type XXI U-Boat, modified to the latest Dolphin standards, including AIP (air independent propulsion), supposedly why the authorities thought it was a Dolphin.

Of ETs/EDs, Missing Warheads And “The Floating Coffin”

Both Gordon Duff and the ETs/EDs agree as to where the warhead came from: the ill-fated (by plan, per the writer’s insider contacts) Russian SSGN (nuclear powered cruise missile submarine). What a difference a single letter can make–in this case “N.” Information previously obtained from the ETs/EDs indicated the “rogue” warheads were from an SS-19 (an ICBM, intercontinental ballistic missile), whereas it really came from an SS-N-19 SHIPWRECK/P-700 GRANIT (a huge naval antiship cruise missile–metric ton conventional warhead /500 KT nuke; Wiki’s off on the former). Adding credibility is that four missiles = 20% of the missile load of the Kursk, an OSCAR II class SSGN. Why is 20% important? That’s the classified nuclear fraction of the warload carried by all mixed load Russian naval vessels. Two more major points about the Kursk before we turn to the modified Type XXI allegation: First, she was deliberately sunk by a specially rigged torpedo which was launched, circled back, then sank her–with some 30 extra generals and admirals aboard who were anti-Vladimir Putin; second, the U.S., contrary to official denials, WAS in the area with a shadowing attack sub, but merely observed the exercise and disaster.

Turning now to the question “What somehow exited Bremerhaven Harbor/was “disappeared” by the ETs/EDs?” we have two opposing views: the ETs/EDs’ claimed Dolphin and Gordon Duff’s singular modified type XXI U-Boat. Evidence supports the former, the ETs/EDs. Why? Unless someone managed to build one in secret, there’s only one, and it’s a floating naval museum, the Wilhelm Bauer (U-2540)!

One more thing. As expected, the E-3C force did, in fact, carry sensitive nuclear detection equipment. Isn’t that interesting? It’s presently unknown whether higher NATO command was notified of the “maintenance standdown” in time to provide backup coverage. link to original article


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