John Ward – Hackgate Day 486 : A Mad Vixen Giggles In Court – 12 May 2012

Various media across the world referred to Rebekah Brooks’s appearance at the Leveson Enquiry on Friday as ‘a grilling’. Bollocks. It was anything but.

Throughout her evidence, this ghastly woman found difficulty in holding back an understated yet utterly twisted smile. At no point in the proceedings was she caught out or ill at ease. She complained constantly that she did not have access to her diaries and notes. I waited in vain for somebody in authority to ask her why not.

If you got the impression that she was enjoying this, then be at ease: it isn’t just you. She remains supremely confident that she will evade prosecution. The deadpan expression of her former boss Andy Coulson on the previous day suggested the exact same thing. But the difference between the two was simply this: he seemed almost catatonic in his removal from past deeds, whereas she clearly wanted us to nod along with her implied wink about what fun it had all been.

Rebekah Brooks is obviously depraved and beyond help. It is hard to conclude otherwise than ours is a society incapable of discerning the true nature of her illness. link to original article


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